Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The one thing you must do for yourself

We all have things that we spoil ourselves with, just one gesture that says that you're worth the extra effort. Every single persons "must do" is different but mine is very basic but still packs a huge punch of confidence. Every 2 weeks I try to make sure to have my eyebrows threaded. Yes, my brows do grow that fast and they get pretty dang hairy.

But I swear each time I get my caterpillars torn off my face I instantly feel beautiful and confident. I am that person who loves makeup but is completely fine with going completely bare so I can sleep in an extra few minutes. I do feel like the eyebrows are frames to the windows on your face and having them shaped, trimmed and clean makes me look more put together. I swear all I really have to do it brush them up, set with a clear mascara and go out the door and I really do feel pretty. I know women out there who really put others needs and wants before their own but we all should have just one basic grooming routine that just makes you feel special. It is small, sure I can do it myself but just getting it done makes me feel well, girly.

I hope each and every one of you at least attempt to go to a salon or do something at home and do something nice for yourself, may it be your nails, hair, facial or even a fancy dinner out once in a great while. It is all about whatever floats your boat to do something for you because it really shouldn't be about vanity or impressing others. My beauty routine is for me to feel good about me. It is for me to say to myself that I deserve to feel good and so does everyone else. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my first kinda personal blog post. I just really feel like as we get older as women we will forget to treat ourselves to nice things. I know my mom and grandmother put their own needs last for a good cause but I now enjoy treating her to those nice things every once in awhile and she appreciates it as much as I appreciate getting those things done for myself. I really hope I don't come off as offensive or like I'm saying your only way to self worth is through vain beauty rituals. You can feel like your worth it by going to the library, taking a walk, reading a book from your favorite author and even just by relaxing in the bath listening to music. 

Just do that ONE thing for YOU. 
You'll feel pretty dang fantastic. 
XOXO - Robin

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