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 If I ever receive anything from a PR company or receive an item for testing purposes I will disclose it at the end of the blog post and the title will contain an asterisk. In no way will I be persuaded to give a false opinion of an item just because it is a sample product. All my blog posts are simply opinion and not professional advice and is to be treated like I'm one of your friends giving you girl-to-girl advice and opinions.

If you are a company wanting to reach out to me, you are more than welcome to by email at and I will get back to you at the soonest moment possible. I will only work with companies that are in the same general beauty, food, fashion and lifestyle related items as that is what I normally blog about.

All my contact info: 
You can email me

You can follow me on instagram at @missare_elle_vee (personal) or @veritypretty

You can follow me on Twitter @veritypretty

You can also like my facebook page and send me messages there at

OR you can comment on a post and I will get back to you.

Any personal information gathered here on my blog will not be used to send any emails or notifications without the user's permission.

Honestly, whatever makes you comfortable, do it! I hope to hear from you! <3

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