These posts are for those who love beauty both naturally and artificially obtained through products.  For those who love food, recipes, cocktails and nightlife. I myself am a dabbler in life's different categories and thoroughly enjoy exploring new territories. If you also like to dabble in makeup, style, food and drinks (and really, who DOESN'T?!!)  then hopefully you'll stay tuned and pop in to see new happenings. 

If you're interested in following me on twitter you can find me @veritypretty (because beautyandthegin is too long). 

On instagram I don't have a "business" one for the blog but you can follow me on my personal at missare_elle_vee

If you wish to email me for questions/suggestions you can do so here with this email  -> robinlv8er@gmail.com or for urgent inquiries you can email me at robinverity@yahoo.com which I check more often. 

Drop in whenever and say hello to me, give a suggestion, berate me or praise me. I will enjoy any and all feedback and if you have any questions or requests please feel free to ask!

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