Thursday, October 31, 2013

Essie Obsessed - My F/W 2013 Wishlist

I am completely obsessed with any and all Essie colors but it has been awhile since I have bought any new colors. I know I need any and all glitter top coat from them because they're just the best. It is sparkle and glitter without any clownish or child like elements. It really changed my stance on them because they feel so whimsical and yet so grown up. The neutrals are also just to die for as are the reds and anything just fun and bright.  Even though i fell like I have to have them all I think these are my top ones that I must have to suit the cold winter months ahead. 

A Stroke of Brilliance 

For The Twill Of It 

Mind Your Mittens 

Sable Collar 

Set In Stones 

Shearling Darling 

Trophy Wife 

Vested interest

Cashmere Bathrobe

I notice that I really have a love of blues, grays and greens for winter and you can never go wrong with glitter to cover up any rookie mistakes that I may have made. I also use them to prolong the manicures I get from the salon as well. I do work with tons of paperwork to file and my hands get super dry and the nail polish seems to chip off within days so I swipe some glitter on the tips and voila! it's a brand new manicure. 

So do you have a wishlist of nail polishes you need to survive through these cold months? Do you gravitate to moodier colors or do you try to perk up your mood with a pop of bright pink or maybe something trendy like a white or pastel? I hope you enjoyed my list and if you have any other good recommendations or if you're having a twin wish list moment I'd be happy to hear about it in the comments below!

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