Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pinteresting DIY project - The Yarn Wreath

Sometimes while cruising through Pinterest I really wonder if some of these craft projects are created by everyday people or if they're possessed by Martha Stewart's crafting spirit. I really love a craft project but to create some of the awesome things I see I think I would need more skills. How do you get those skills? You make these craft projects even if they end up looking a little more like a 3rd grade students science project.

 So off I went to the craft store to pick up a few items to make a yarn wreath. 
Here are some examples of what it should look like if you're a crafting pro.

But since I'm definitely not a pro of any sort here is my wreath

I have heard of others using a pool noodle to make the circle but what a pain that would be! We don't even have a pool let alone a spare pool noodle laying around to make a wreath so I bought a foam form from the store. I was really glad I did too because it took me 2 hours to even wrap the whole thing in yarn. I don't think spending another hour trying to get the circle to stay would have been fun. I really recommend making a night in of it with a nice glass of wine and a classic 80's movie going on or something holiday feeling if you want.

 It was hard getting the yarn to wrap around because the whole skein was in the way and it made my arm tired so what I eventually did was cut off the yarn at whatever point I wanted,  then wrapped until I reached the end and then tied another cut piece of yarn to that end until I reached the desired effect I wanted to. The thicker the yarn the easier and faster it is to wrap. 

As for decorations, you can do whatever your heart fancies. I cut out  simple leaf shapes from felt then glued with all purpose glue which I found was a complete waste because it really didn't help the fabric stay. So I had to scour the house for my trusty hot glue gun and even though I burned myself it was worth it to see everything in it's place. 

The fabric "poppies" I made by hand a long time ago and just fixed them onto my wreath so it was great having one less thing to worry about. You can buy silk flowers and glue them on  or totally nix the flower idea altogether if you are not a flower person at all. 

i think making the flags were the biggest pain in my butt for the project. I really don't know how others do it but I still think it came out pretty cute. My advice on that is to keep practicing or just forget about it altogether. Please keep your sanity or you'll end up a little kooky like moi. 

So I know mine doesn't look professional or expertly done but hey, like I said, I am no expert. I am just someone who likes to try to make things for the satisfaction of seeing a finished project and the ability to say "Heck yeah I made that lopsided cup!" So I hope this inspires you to go out and make something you saw on Pinterest and if it doesn't end up perfect just remember to tell yourself this...

 "Martha Stewart can suck it!!!"


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