Friday, May 23, 2014

Go VoxBox from influenster Review*

Awwwww man...I didn't think the day would come where I would get an invite from Influenster again. Last box I hated so I literally did nothing with it here on the blog. When you don't do anything it really counts against you and yet, here I am. A new box here for me. But this time, it's something I like. I think the only thing I am not 100% excited about is the tampons. I only use the super ones and for the rest of the week only need panty liners for spotting. Though I have wondered what the heck is the difference between these "sport" and regular ones. I have never had a problem doing physical activity wearing my normal ones so I guess I never saw the point in using these. That plus I never have the urge to step foot in the gym when I'm being a menstrual psycho. 

Enough of this TMI sesh though, seriously before I scare any readers away. But the one thing I am most excited about is the Jaxx Next Step Shaker. I have been looking at those blender bottles for awhile so now I don't have to go out and buy one. Score one for me! It also came with a couple samples of the Fit n' Full shake in three flavors. I might try the vanilla one first and hopefully it tastes good. There is no fake sugar in it, just stevia which I am super happy about. As someone who really hates chemically created sugars because
A) They're not even good for you
B) They have that funky after tatse no matter how little there is of the stuff
C) Why not just cut out sugar or reduce your portion if you're so worried???
So super excited to see how they taste and if they make a difference in how hungry I feel in the morning. It says to mix with water but that just sounds funky so I will end up subbing the water for almond or soy milk. 

The nuts don't sound so strange to me flavor wise. I bought a pack of chocolate covered almonds last week to satisfy my crunchy food/chocolate urges in a healthy way but ended up didn't liking them because they contained the fake sugar. Damn you fugar, damn you....These ones do not have the fake sugar in them so I am grateful for that. I am hoping that these taste amazeballs, cross your fingers for me. I also got a coupon for a free Muller yogurt and will be looking out for the Greek yogurt in the store. 

Why oh why do I always get shoe insoles??? I have gotten about 4-5 shoe insoles to test in the past year but at least thy have all been different. These ones from Pro Foot are probably best for workout shoes or any kind of sneaker. I like how the front doesn't go all the way to the front and I don't have to cut it. Anyone without freakishly tiny fairy feet like mine would probably hate that though even though they are a "one size fits all thing. Hopefully they don't crowd my toes in my gym shoes because I definitely need the extra arch support. 

I also got a foot stone which feels more like a sponge that I can't wait to try and will definitely get its own review in the future coming weeks. Accompanying all this foot love is a jar of bath salts of the non snorting variety. I had gotten a tube of a chamomile lavender lotion in my Glossybox recently and saw that that or the salts were the options and was torn on if I wanted another bottle of the lotion or if I would be happier if I got the bath salts. I really liked the lotion and would not have minded getting another one as a backup. But I was still happy getting the bath salts because soaking in the tub with a glass of wine is my ideal way to unwind after a hard day. 

So that's all that came in my box this time. You will be seeing some reviews of these products individually and will let you know what I really think about them. I am definitely not one to give a rave review because I got something for free, I'm just glad I didn't pay for a piece of junk and let you know not to waste your own hard earned moolah. I will leave asterisk* on the blog title and a disclaimer down below to let you all know that I have received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. If you want an invite to Influenster just email me with an email address to send it to you. It would give you more points showing you have "influence" therefore a higher likelihood of getting picked for boxes. 
Let me know if you have any questions or comments down in the comments below. 


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