Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Vintage Clutch Find

Okay I really feel like I have struck gold on this one. I decided on a whim to hit up the local Goodwill on my lunch break in hopes of finding a dress or maybe an ugly Christmas sweater to wear to this years ugly sweater party. Somehow I *magically* ended up in the purse section and ended up rummaging through the wallets and found this beauty. 

It was the buttery soft suede body that really drew me in and the color was so warm and really feels like it would go great with any fall outfits. I also love the fact that it came with the daintiest of shoulder straps in a very shiny gold color. I hate when I am walking around and I just get tired of having something in my hand or i need to clear them to double fist my morning coffee. I really think this was a well thought out feature. 

Honestly, how could anyone not fall in love with the tiny gold seashell either? This is the only embellishment and honestly this is all I need because its cute as a button. It still shines and doesn't really show any huge signs of tarnish from wear and tear.

I had to do some research at home on this brand and apparently the Crown Lewis brand stopped producing in the 1960's which to me is amazing because someone really took care of this thing to be in this shape. the lining is a ridged chiffon and has no stains. Over all I really feel that this was the luckiest purse find to date. It may have not been a big designer name purse but I have never been a label fiend to begin with an dI think for six bucks its even more of a steal.

I really cannot wait to style a couple outfits around this piece and hopefully be brave enough to do an outfit post. I am way too much of a chicken and I hat taking pictures anyways. I think with a little of more courage I will do it, and maybe a helper to actually take some photos would be awesome too. I hope you liked today's post and let me know if you have had good luck thrifting as well in the comments below or you can email me if you prefer. 


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