Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sally Hansen sugar coat nail polish

Omg please don't get me started on this! This is the worst nail trend ever! Why?!!!

I bought this yesterday at Target ($5 something so ill call it $6) thinking "Oh cool! It's like the Zoya polishes" I wanted to try those out but I love Sally Hansen so I purchased this. Worst mistake ever I got it in the purple color thinking that I have waaaaayyyy too many nudes, reds, blues and sparkle. It looked cute in the bottle but when painted on it reminded me of Pepto Bismol. The texture of the "candy coating" made it feel like I had scaly fingers and looked like that crappy ceiling popcorn.

It was an all over NO GO, I will avoid this stuff like its the plague. It definitely wasn't as cool as I thought it was going to be. But if by chance you love the look of ceiling popcorn in the color of diarrhea medicine be my guest and buy away! Now excuse me while I go buy myself some nail stickers to cheer myself up.

One day left until Generation Beauty

I hope everyone has got their ticket already because today's the last day for the half off coupon otherwise you're spending 150 smackaroos to get in. Unless they put that crap on groupon or something the day of.

So very excited to go! I'll be dropping in after work just to register early then pop out since they have nothing formal planned that day. If they have something good I'll consider staying longer. Or maybe grab a cocktail from around there and go home. It is Friday so it might be busy just because. You never know. So cocktails when I get home? Or cocktails with you?

But all days I'll be tweeting and instagraming or whatever so if you want to follow someone going to the event you can follow me.
@verityrobin (too lazy to make a new handle)
On IG I am missare_elle_vee

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vaseline spray and go moisturizer review

I have a problem with ashy skin and dry elbows and knees. I guess I'm supposed to scrub and moisturize but sometimes I only have time for one of the other or even neither of them.

Then I come across the new Vaseline spray and go. I stood there in the store and thought "jeeze what lazy chick needs this crap?" so I left it on the shelf in hopes it would collect dust and disappear for good. Nope! Didn't happen. I kept seeing it there taunting me.

"hey lady, you know you want me. "

It taunted me. So I broke down and got the cocoa scent. It was 5.99 at Target which is more than I like to spend on drugstore brand lotion but who cares? I had to get its voice out of my head. Plus who am I kidding, I'm VERY lazy about moisturizing anything but my face.

I brought it home, took a shower than sprayed away. It has a nice cooling mist that goes on somewhat easily and with a little effortless rubbing in I was perfectly moisturized and I didn't have the heavy skin feeling or funky scent. It smelled like cocoa butter but without the feeling of the buttery formula. I am now an instant fan of this product. It is truly perfect for the girl who gets up early, showers then rolls back into bed because it's so damn comfy until she realizes she has 10 minutes before she has to leave for work and dresses and forgets to get her lunch from the fridge.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Influenster! I got an invite!

Yes, I did get an email this morning from influenster inviting me to get a vox box. I did take the survey but then went "wait a sec..." and realized I never came around to figuring out how to get badges and all that jazz. So I went to town clicking, reading, retreading and reclicking until until I understood the basics.

Oh the tests! If you want to be distracted for a couple hours just take all the quizzes. Then review items...then answer things on the Q&A. 4 hours flew right by and I am addicted. You can't make me stop! Just you try, okay?

So hopefully I get it and I can have some more things to review here.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Generation beauty - contest alert!

Hey, contest alerts everyone! These aren't held by me but I am out of common courtesy posting my contest finds for the Generation Beauty 2013 event.

Itsjudytime posted a contest alert for those living in the LA area and has 3 tickets available. She also has a promo code for tickets but it's no better than the genbeautybag code. Both are for 50% off. Don't forget to subscribe to her because her reviews are pretty cool.

ALSO! There's a hashtag event from Pixi to win tickets. Use #generationpixi in an instagram or twitpic of Pixi products or a look created with their stuff for a chance to win. There is no update of when that will end but if there are anymore contests I find out about I will definitely keep everyone posted on it!

Hope to see you there and good luck!

Julep DD cream first impression

I'm a beauty product junkie and I can't get enough for my fix. so when I found out that one of my favorite subscription boxes was coming out with the first ever DD cream I was really excited. I spend good money to make my face look flawless because honestly that's my beauty goal over all. You can do beautiful eye makeup and apply the perfect lip but if you have imperfect skin that's what people will notice first and that's not the first thing I want them to notice.

So going on, I'm no expert in any way of BB and CC creams but if the BB creams aren't from Korea or whatever you're just paying for pumped up tinted moisturizer. Then as for CC creams it's supposed to provide
More coverage as it stands for "color corrector". For myself I actually don't mind the American BB creams because I had been looking for a perfect tinted moisturizer in high school but resorted to mixing my foundation with face moisturizer. Which if you don't mind a little DIY in your life you can do it for your routine. I actually like using my Maybelline BB under my Bare Minerals for better coverage and staying power.

But let's move on to my first impression of the newest addition to the makeup world. I really like the packaging as it makes it look sleek and "high end" but I must note the outside of the boxes looked dusty but that's probably because the crinkle cut signature Easter grass that comes in every box delivered. Definitely not a deal breaker and maybe not something very noteworthy but whatever, this is my review and I think someone might find it semi-important or whatever.

Then going on to this mornings application! I did some research as to what other bloggers were buzzing about concerning the product and found some say that there was very little product and it was mostly air. I did notice that as well with mine and realize that maybe that's a feature? I dunno but there's not a ton of room in my Maybelline. I have a backup unopened container of my Maybelline And it's the same amount of 1 fl oz. and there's no extra room so I really dislike the waste caused by excess packaging. So in reality you're getting tricked into thinking "oh damn! Score, what a giant amount of product." but in reality it's a *whomp whomp*

The color seemed a little darker than what I may have expected. I'm in no way fair skinned but in no way am I on the dark spectrum of medium shades. so a light shade of medium fits my bill. The color I picked out (medium) seemed maybe too orangey and dark for my tastes. Maybe if I get more tan this summer it would work better. The coverage isn't that much heavier than my BB so it was a little disappointing in that department not to mention the SPF is 25 on the DD cream and Maybellines is SPF 30. Another *whomp whomp* but not as big of a disappointment because it's still pretty good.

The cream is a thicker consistency and is comparable to a regular foundation. I had a little trouble applying evenly but I got it there. I refuse to buy and use the reccomended brush for the product because I've been doing fine for several years only using my fingers and sponges. Besides, I have a perfectly good Mac foundation brush sitting in my brush container and I'll use it when I see fit and even then it's not to apply foundation. I know, I'm such a rebel.

The coverage is like my dream liquid mousse which is my oldie but goodie holy grail liquid foundation because I feel it matches me better than most drugstore foundation but the DD leaves my skin with more of a sheen. As I am testing the product today (received yesterday) and wanted to test the staying powder I can say as a combo skin gal I'm hating on the oily tzone it has given me. It's just a slick oily feeling that isn't very pleasant. Would powdering it help? I'll continue testing it to find out and let you know. But all I can say is that hopefully it does. I do notice my waterproof eyeliner that never fails on me is *gasp!* failing on me and slipped and looks really faded 3 hours later and how looks worse 6 hours later here at 1:30 in the afternoon

So far for my first impression is that it isn't all that impressive at all. It's far from dynamic and I still had to moisturize for it to go on smoothly so it definitely not a do-all.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My top 3 mascaras drugstore picks

I think we all are pretty much looking for the same thing in life...the perfect mascara. No? Oh, then I think I must need to get my priorities straight then! But until then, I think I'll let you on this crazy train going to the makeup aisles of the drugstore in the search for my perfect mascara.


I swear, every beauty blogger/vlogger is OBSESSED with the Covergirl Clump Crusher. And so staring at many different mascaras, looking at every single package that promised me fuller lashes I just decided to give it a whirl. I've been very disappointed lately with the performance of my go to Maybelline brand so I hoped ship and prayed for the best. I really had a bad impression with Covergirl's lip selection and their powders are nice but too perfumey for my liking and was very dissatisfied with the pressed translucent powder. Despite my preconceived notions of what to expect I purchased my "superhero" clump crushing volumizimg mascara. Boy was I glad I did! This mascara is the making my lashes super dark, full and separated. I really hate when I buy a mascara and I whip out the wand like I'm Harry Potter just isn't "THE ONE". There was no clumpage on the brush and pulling it out of the tube the perfect amount was wiped off. So needless to say I found my holy grail waterproof mascara for this summer.

I don't think anyone will look this fierce but hey, its the ad. They always lie. 

Fast forward 2-3 days later back in the aisles of Target searching for even more drugstore mascara. I was very dissatified with my powder bronzer options, si I threw my hands in the air and said show me something and that's when I saw it, sitting there in it's sexy little black tube with that come hither look. Granted, she was on the thicker side but that's how I like 'em. As I was picking her up, she was advertising she has lycra on the inside. That was a little TMI but I I gave some props for her honesty. Her name was Rimmel Scandaleyes with Lycra flex. *shudder* oohhh, baby I knew I had to have her! So I took her home and she showed me the best time. Her bristles were very large and thick, so large and thick they almost intimidated me. But I put on my big girl panties and went to town painting my lashes. They were starting to look gorgeous, lush and thick. I was obsessed. I still am obsessed. I probably will stay obsessed for awhile too.

I don't want the total London look except for those eyes!

Then last but not least, another Rimmel mascara. I keep saying mascara with a British accent in my head. Mas-car-uh, not mas-scare-uh. Sorry guys! 

This new one keeps popping up in ads on the tele but I didn't ever notice them until after I bought it. The Scandaleyes Show Off comes in a girly bright pink tube and really caught my eye when I first saw it...then that ball "device" at the end of the brush. I was intrigued and I have never got my dirty little paws on a brush like this before! It is almost medieval, like a mace used in combat. I was determined and I was going to take this weapon and protect everyone from my whimpy thin lashes and slay that dragon with my mighty new sword! Upon first application, my lashes did not look "plump" at all. It looked more natural but then a few more coats later I got the look I desired and even got those baby lashes in the corners. I never knew I even had so many! This baby is amazing beyond words. the lashes were thick but not too dramatic so it was totally wearable to the office (not that anyone in my office really gives a crap about).  I enjoy the tasteful and feminine look they gave my eyes. 

This one really did steal the show for me

Each one of these mascaras serves a different purpose, I would never be able to choose just one. Plus they all give great coverage on me and all are a great value with each just under $7. If you pick a new mascara, it should definitely be one of these. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Softymo, a review of the moisturizing formula

I believe the best thing about living here in LA "adjacent" area (the SGV to be precise) is the variety of ethnic backgrounds meshing and melting together to create the awesome variety that I have access to on a daily basis.

So on a recent trip to little Tokyo in DTLA I happened to stop in on a beauty store filled with tons of face soaps, lotions and potions from Japan. A little overwhelmed with the brand variety I settled on getting a face wash by the brand Softymo.

This is a description I found for the product

"Softymo Mineral Wash is a drugstore Japanese cleansing foam that gently cleanses skin using 12 natural minerals for healthy skin aimed at women in their 20s.

It contains a blend of 12 minerals and moisturizing ingredients to removes impurities from the pores while absorbing excess sebum without damaging skin’s natural barrier. 3 types are available to suit all skin types and needs:

-Regular type, for normal or combination skin, has a mild moisturizing formula that leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Natural Floral Scent

-Moisturize Rich, for dry skin, has a creamy foam that is blended with moisturizing oils to gently cleanse and moisturize skin. Relaxing Floral Scent

-Scrub In, for oily or congested skin, features an oil-free formulation with micro-fine scrubbing particles deep clean skin and pores. Refreshing Floral Scent"

I purchased the moisture rich even though I don't have problems with dry skin but I have a problem with face washes drying out my combo skin. I've been using the brand since late April and I think I've developed an opinion on the product.

I would not describe the scent as floral at all but as a fresh grapefruit scent. It's a nice scent that brightens me up in the morning. The texture is very creamy and a little bit goes a long way. I've noticed since its so creamy I have to use a little more water for a good lather. Rinsing it off reveals soft moisturized and clean skin that looks brighter and healthy.

I love how it doesn't leave that "squeak" on my skin which isn't a sign of cleanliness but a sign of how my skin will react later. When I get the squeaky clean feeling it just means my skin has just been dried out and my t zone is gonna freak the heck out, get super oily and I'm going to get stubborn forehead pimples. Those buggers can last for a week or more.

So my verdict is, I like this product and will definitely repurchase. At 6.99 plus tax this is a great buy because I don't have to use a ton of product to get a good lather. Plus the store is right across the way from the best shabu shabu in little Tokyo and less than a minute walk from Pinkberry. An all around win for me! ;)

The first ever Generation Beauty by Ipsy event at LA Live

Is everybody as excited as I am for this event?!! I sure hope so because I'll probably be the only one super friggin' excited yet plastered with a combo of a bitch face/"impress me or else" face aka my poker face.

As some of you may know, Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that delivers 4-5 items a month in an adorable reusable bag. The cofounder beauty vlogger Michelle Phan is hosting the event from May 31st - June 2nd and I am proud to say I have purchased my ticket.

I'm in it first most for the promised goodie bag. Then also for the seminars and meet and greets! I'm not as much of a Michelle Phan fan as much as I used to be ever since I discovered the girls of eleventhgorgeous. Maybe because I like their more affordable makeup selections, reviews, THE HAULS and their ever apparent sisterly love for one another. BUT, who wouldn't like to meet and take a picture with the Phan-ster? I'm not turning it down!

The promise of getting 2 items from each sponsor in the goodie bag is incentive enough for me. I mean, I'm a total Bare Minerals and smash box groupie and ever since I stole a spritz or two from my moms can of Big Sexy Hair I've been a fan. I think I'm fan girling more for the brands that will be there than the people (shhh...that'll be our secret).

Plus since I live here in the LA area it's not even something I have to plan for ahead of time. I mean, I know my way around in a car bus and train/light rail. I know where to avoid parking to pay minimum or just buy a day pass for the metro ($5). Did you know that the metro service here in LA is the most affordable in the nation? Or Le boyfriend has offered to drop off and pick me up Saturday/Sunday.

The only Con I've ever done is the emoticon. This is my very first con so I really don't know what to expect. Should my expectations be low or high? Should I dress up like Princess Leia? Should I bring things to be signed? Will they even sign my cheap makeup palates? All very importaint questions that have yet to be answered.

Tickets are 160 smackaroos with that stupid fee all ticket agencies charge but with code GENBEAUTYBAG you get it for $80. I didn't see the event post when the code will expire so I asked and they told me on their fb page it ends 5/30. So i assume this is the last and only promo code before the event and they won't get any cheaper. Here's the link if you want to check it out!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recent E.L.F hauls

Yes, you read correct. I have multiple hauls from E.L.F cosmetics and I've accumulated said items via Target and their website. They recently had a buy $20 worth of items and get a mystery bag worth $20 for FREE (my favorite word in the English language) so I got suckered in and ordered away. Then I made a second order the next day. Yes, I'm crazy. No judging though, $20 is a lot of products for this affordable brand and I did have to pay shipping but they don't charge tax so if you get a code for free shipping then you're made in the shade my friend!

So I've got plenty of items to sort through and test then review which will keep me busy for the next few week(s) maybe. Plus I got a few face/hair items from Target as well to review. Needless to say, I got a lot of crap and I need to use it or loose it!

For now I'm just giving you the lowdown on what to expect. So expect tons of elf reviews and maybe some makeup looks with their products if I can get over my shyness and aversion to taking pictures. They will be broken up with reviews on a recent gem I found in the at home microdermabrasion department and face lotions/toners and other gems from the makeup aisle. Expect a large package review from my latest crazy ulta haul where I bought a bunch of NYX products and I just got my ipsy glam bag yesterday so I'll be testing and reviewing to my hearts content. 

So check back in later (tonight? Tomorrow night?) and see what goodies I post about first!