Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Diy Project - Candle Stick Holders

Before the paint job

I have been trying to add a little bit of a woman's touch to the place and just make it feel less...manly. 
One thing I am a huge sucker for is candles. I really have an addiction to candles and I think they add a nice touch to any place. I had been eyeballing pretty candle holders but I am not willing to pay full price if I don't have to. I found these two beauties at the local thrift store and with a sale for half off all home items I got these babies for less than $4 for both of them. I did feel that with the table they just blended in and just didn't any anything to the whole feel of the room. I really wanted something bright and fresh to go with the new yellow walls. 

After the paint job

I made my way to the craft store, bought some Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint in a satin finish. The colors I chose were sea glass and wedding cake. I used a sponge paint brush and I must say it took quite a few coats to cover the wood underneath. after covering the whole thing in the sea glass color I used a clean sponge brush lightly dabbed into the white color and lightly dabbed the color over the blue. Having some crumpled newspaper on the side to blot excess and wipe makes it look really pretty. If you feel it gets too white, layer over some of the sea glass color. Just get creative and have fun. 

So that's my first DIY of the season and have already completed one more project I will post sometime soon. I made a yarn wreath that came out pretty good for my first time so I think it;s suitable to show you. I am also going to work on my throw pillows for the couch but I am still lagging on pre-washing the fabric but hopefully that will be done soon. 

Hope to see you next time! 

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