Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Drumroll please!

This post...this very post you are reading is my 50th post EVER! I didn't really realize this until I was trolling through my own blog and saw that I have only posted 49 posts and then it hit me that maybe I should say something. I am normally a humble person and I really don't like drawing attention to myself but I feel this occasion is a cause for attention and celebration. 

So what does one write about for their 50th post? 
a) a wishlist of winter coats   
b) a review of a new mascara 
c) Subscription box review     
d) A yummy drink recipe     

If you wrote in your own answer then you know me better than I thought or I am a very predictable person. Either way what today's post is going to be about is well, me. I really don't write much about who I am as a person and thought it would be nice to post five quick facts. 

Quick Fact #1
I used to play guitar 
Back when i was younger my grandparents used to take me to guitar lessons were I learned to play classical music on a Spanish style guitar. After one year I quit because I felt restless. I had discovered a different music taste and foolishly quit instead of saying that I wanted to try something new. Lately I have been feeling nostalgic and I feel maybe I should pick up where I left off. The last time I picked up a guitar I had remembered some of the sheet music and played it from memory and even though I did mess up a bit I feel I could improve with more practice. 

Quick Fact #2
I used to take golf back in high school 
In an effort to feel like I belonged and to do something I probably would never really get a chance to do after I left my high school years behind me I decided to sign up for girls golf class. This was the first year they ever offered it at our school and before that it was only the team and you had to know how to play. My parents kind of laughed at me but I absolutely loved it. It was the best thing I ever did my senior year and I always look back fondly at those afternoons. At the end of the year banquet for the class I ended up getting a trophy and it has been my only trophy for a sport ever. 

Quick Fact #3
This is not my first blog
I have tried to attempt another blog before this and it was more personal like a diary. The more I wrote about my feelings the more depressed I became. Maybe it was just the content of what I wrote that made me depressed. I decided to quit because I am trying to get over that whole past I have had and the only way to move forward is to look forward. So here I am, writing about things in my life that make me happy. 

Quick Fact #4
I don't know how to swim 
I had a bad experience with swimming ever since I was younger. I had almost drowned once and ever since then I had a fear of swimming and getting my head wet. Recently since my trip to Fiji this past January I kind of got over the fear of being in the water and even swam a little but with my head above the water of course. I still have to be able to touch the floor with my feet or I do freak out a bit but nothing like I used to. I think its awesome that I am slowly getting over this fear. 

Quick Fact #5
I have developed allergies to some of my favorite fruits
Cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, honeydew and mango. I never really used to be allergic to anything at all but now I get an itchy throat if I eat any of these items. Even though I am not supposed to eat any of these items I still do because none of my reactions have been very serious and I figured that if I wasn't allergic before I can become "unallergic" by exposure.  

So I really hope I didn't bore you guys too much and scare you away for good. I swear I will try not to do two list posts in a row ever again but I had to make an exception just this once. So do any of you out there celebrating any milestones? Any milestones coming up? I know I have one more milestone coming up soon, my 25th birthday. I would like to say all you youngins complaining about turning 18 and 21...just hush! if you guys feel old how thee heck am I supposed to feel? Ancient? Stone aged? I mean I have already been thinking about lying about my age and I'm not even 30 yet. How long do you think I can get away with telling everyone I'm 23? Not very long. So stay classy until next time! 


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