Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My First Pair of Nikes

It's been over a month since I bought these bad boys and I've given them some good test runs so far. The verdict is...I love them! These are my first workout shoe purchases since...2008? I only have one pair that I have been wearing and washing to keep them clean. I really only used them for the gym and a couple runs outside so they stayed in great condition through the years. But now I decided to treat myself and get a brand new pair. 
'Bout time! 

I got new shoes as a motivator to go to the gym more often and I have even worn them to work a couple times even though I normally refuse to wear sneakers for anything other than working out. I really love them and the mesh toe area has such great breathability and cools down my feet when I'm walking around. I got them in a non-frilly girly-type color because I'm not into frilly colors on my feet. 
I just really like the neutral type of shoe since I like more bright colors for sports bras popping out from under a tank. There is just something about wearing a bright pink sports bra that just makes me happy. And it's the only time you'll ever catch me wearing pink...ever. 

But yes, these shoes are awesome. Maybe it is because I have not had a new pair in years or because the shoes are so light but they make me feel like I am walking on air. I feel confident and swift and I zipped around the office with ease. Then I really liked the comfort they provided while on the eliptical. The eliptical is my machine of choice because I fell on my knew once and it still acts up and the low impact makes it easier for me to get in my cardio without straining it too much. Another day I decided to give the eliptical a break and went on the treadmill for a walk as I wasn't feeling it and they did a great job on there too. I did my usual fast walking pace set to a higher incline and these kept my feet nice and comfy. 

For $40 plus tax I think I did well. I got them from the Carlsbad outlets on our way back from Escondido for my birthday weekend last month. I think what held me back from ever looking into buying a pair of Nikes was the fact that I thought they were so expensive but I bought these for the same price as I got my old Asics for. I might look into getting another pair as a switcheroo pair so they can air out. I might wait till new years to get them since there might be some good deals due to clear out/new years resolution sales that are bound to happen. But seriously, they are one of the best birthday gifts I have ever gotten myself. 

What do you think?
 Do new running shoes give you a new perspective and a pep in your step? 


Monday, November 24, 2014

Dial Greek Yogurt Nourishing Body Wash Review

I was out practicing some extreme couponing one day and came upon this Dial Greek Yogurt body wash and was just thinking "Why the heck not?" I had a coupon for $1 off, this was already a dollar off and was only going to cost me something like $1.50. I really like my Caress brand body wash as it makes me feel really fancy even though it is a drugstore brand. I'm weird, I know. But Dial brand really makes me think of it as a meh kind of brand. We used to aways have the Dial hand soap in the classroom so I never really reached out and want to actually purchase a boy wash from them. I do not want to be reminded of the hand soap in grade school when I am in the shower. I like feeling fancy. What sold me was the scent, Vanilla Honey. Yumm! 

I like feeling moisturized as well and I like the idea of yogurt in a body wash, it just made it seem more luxurious than what the brand image normally conjures up for me. The scent totally is a dessert I would make for myself when I am trying to eat light but want to have something rich and indulgent. My favorite thing is a nice bowl of original %2 Fage greek yogurt (because plain Fage is for hardcore yogurt lovers who don't want froofy overly sweet berry puree in it. I honestly can't stand most flavored yogurts) and you add a little side-of-the-road or any local honey and some fresh raspberries on top for extra yummy-nes. So yes, it smells like a healthy dessert/snack. 

I do like how moisturizing this is and because it lathers a lot I sometimes use it for a bubble bath after a particularly hard week. There really is nothing better than a soap sud beard and a glass of wine on a Friday night. It is not sulfate free but I guess that's how they get it to suds so much. And wouldn't the sodium chloride (aka salt) dry out the skin eventually? I'm not too sure but I don't use it everyday so I don't think I will have a chance to find out. There's also a couple other questionable ingredients so if you're worried about what goes on your body then maybe tis isn't the body wash for you. I'm not really into the whole all natural and no "bad ingredients" movement but I know others are but I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I know what's good and what isn't. I will never give you info that I have no clue about, I'm still doing my own research and if you're interested you should do so as well. I could never remember everything that is bad for you when I go shopping even when I do my research. I try, but it's a process. 

So overall, I liked it but I want to find something less "bad" for my skin. I will continue to use it as a bubble bath here and there as actual bubble bath products are so dang expensive. Plus they don't get as frothy and I get pretty awesome soap moustaches with this product. 


*This product was bought with my own cash monies with lots of coupons. Coupons are awesome. Thoughts and review came of my own weird thought process. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

La Neige Bright Renew Original Serum Review

Lately I have been obsessed with making my skin look good. I have always had problem skin prone to being oily and acne prone. As I have gotten older the oily part went away but it didn't take the acne with it. Most of the time its hormonal acne and I get one huge honker of a pimple somewhere. On top of that I am trying to be proactive about taking care of my skin and using anti aging products now before I really really need them. I decided to look into getting a serum to add into my routine and this LaNiege Bright Renew Serum was the first one I bought. 

I bought this because I really do like trying Korean skincare products or pretty much any Asian skin care product for that matter. This one promised to brighten my skin and when I tried the tester on the back of my hand I was really impressed with how lightweight it was. I really like to layer my products so having good stuff in it and being lightweight is essential to my game plan. As I do have some (mostly) hormonal acne I get a large pimple or two and maybe those small little whitehead looking pimples. Those baby pimples really are the devil. But I scar very easily and no matter how careful I am to not pick at my acne, I do and I end up with acne scars that eventually go away but as soon as one leaves, a new one is there to laugh at me in the face. So anything that helps lighten and brighten my face and fade my scars goes home with me. 

What I did notice about this product is that I really liked it from the start, except for the light scent. I'm not into scents too much as it can cause irritation in some people. The scent/perfume didn't irritate my skin but I know someone out there might be affected by it. I did like the scent though, it smelled like clean soap and cotton and wasn't too offensive. I will say that I eventually plateaued with this and put it in the back of my pile of skin care. I decided to give this a try again maybe a month or two later but this time I had started using a my Sea Breeze toner which I talk about here. This with a toner worked even better for me then before and pretty soon my bottle was empty. 

I will say even though I liked this product and eventually got it to do what I needed it to do with the help of other products, I think I will try even more serums. I'm not ready to settle down just yet and this is really only the beginning with serums. At $45 for a bottle of this I want it to work and work well all the time. So yes its's good but I feel that there my be better out there or at least I hope there is better. I have just purchased another product from this line, the BB cushion and am just testing it out to see how I like it and I might look into using the emulsion that they have. I'll let you know about the BB cushion and if I do get my hands on the emulsion I will let you know how that goes as well! 


*This product was bought by me with my own hard earned cash monies

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner Review

Holy Bejebuz Batman! It's been a long time since I made a post for le blog. I have just been kind of busy going back to school so I can get my life on track again. It's been a few years since I stopped going but now I am back. But enough excuses, I needed a break and thought I would give this a crack. Speaking of crack, deep conditioners is my crack. I swear I am addicted and I don't really care about anything else but my hair and eyebrows as of late. I just ran out of my usual Tresemme and went to Target but they were all out of the deep conditioners. I decided to give this Aussie 3 Minute Miracle a go since it's only about $3 and comes in a nice convenient squeeze tube. 

I bought the color treated formula even though I haven't dyed my hair in months because I figure it would be more gentle. Plus the only other choice was this or the "moist" formula and super moisturizing formulas tend to weigh down my thin hair. It's definitely not a good look for me. I have been looking for something super moisturizing since I have been putting off my haircut for awhile now. My ends have been feeling a it stiff and crispy even though I don't heat treat my hair most of the time. I mean, nothing replaces the feeling of taking off a few inches but I really got to stop my urge of reaching for my scissors at my desk to snip off bits here and there until I can do what I want to do with my hair. I'm thinking a copper-ish ombre. We'll see how I feel about it by next month though....

I have been using this for the past few weeks and I can say it is now my most favorite deep conditioning treatment ever. EVER. I swear it has helped my crispy ends and makes my hair feel super soft without weighing it down. You know those little tube of deep conditioner that come in the box dyes? It is better than those and I hoard them like nobody's business. I have been having a problem with tangles which comes wit the territory when you have tons of thin but dried out hair like me. I was so close to just grabbing the scissors myself and lopping it off but then how am I going to explain that to my hairdresser Sara when I go in for her to fix it? Plus it didn't smell too perfumey which I like. I like a more subtle scent that doesn't overpower whatever other  smell I have going on. I also love how I don't have too leave it in for too long which is a good thing if I am running late. Other deep conditioners I leave in for about 5-10 minutes but I can leave this in for 2 and it still does the trick. I have also noticed my hair doesn't get as poofy and tangled at the ends when I have second day hair. 

And this is officially my favorite way to deliver product to me. I am way too clumsy to be dealing with tubs of conditioner and this is even easier than the flip caps. Just lightly squeeze until you get your desired amount of product. This is seriously the best for lazy/busy people like me. I want everything to come in this packaging now. Overall I really loved everything about this deep conditioner. I plan to stock up on this so I don't have another deep conditioner shortage. Since it's so affordable I might as well. Im seriously a big fan and would love to try any different ones that they may have except for the "moist" formula, I'm too afraid of my hair being weighed down too much. 

Hopefully I can crack out a few more posts tonight to schedule for later. 
I'm glad to be back guys! 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Skin Saviors

I have really gotten into taking care of my skin and just getting it in tip top shape lately. In my efforts I have started exploring the world of serums and I think I am in love. But what made me fall even more in love with them is adding an astringent to my daily routine as well. I swear that since adding a toner to my daily routine it has improved my skin dramatically. I bruise and scar like a peach so getting rid of my monthly blemishes caused by hormones is a challenge. I started out using the La Niege Serum and liked it and then felt like it plateaued after a few weeks. I never quite got the same results as when I started. 

I then decided to start using The Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin Astringent because I remember I really liked stealing it from my mom's stash when I was a teenager but never bought it for myself. I have used the regular formula and remember liking this one better because even though I do not have sensitive skin I do like how strong yet gentle this formula was compared to the other. Plus it's a really pretty blue color. Sue me. 

As soon As I started using this with the rest of my routine it made such a big difference it wasn't even funny. The dark scar on my forehead that has not budged for over 6 months started to fade and fast and to top it off my pores looked smaller. I also loved that my skin started to break out even less and not as severe as before. It just really takes off all the left over dirt and grime leftover even after washing my face. Yes, there was still dirt and buildup on my face after washing it and using a face scrub. What am I doing wrong?!! Do I really have that much dirt on my face? Am I cursed to never have really clean skin? All very good questions with no real answer. It usually takes about 5 cotton pads for both face and neck to get clean but is worth the extra time and effort. Without that layer of grime the serums had a clear highway to permeate the skin and work its magic. 

Since my discovery I have been even more into trying new serums, all of which I have yet to review here but those are posts for another time. For now I sing the praises of the miracles toner has brought me. It seriously is my new favorite re-discovery and has made strides in making my skin look pretty for once. But is there something else out there I am missing out on? It feels like there can be something more I can do to help my skin say blemish free, be rid of dark acne scars and prevent early signs of aging. As my skin evolves I will have to adapt to meet it's needs but for now, I can say I am happy with my routine. 

So how about a post on my routine? That's for another day....


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Treseme Keratin Smooth Serum Review

Oh wow, look at me! I'm back from my blog hiatus which was totally unplanned and sort of unnecessary but nice to have at the same time. It's just that I had so many side projects that I had to put this whole thing on the back burner but now I have the focus to get started again. I really haven't gotten anything new except for hair products and one of hem happened to be the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Serum. Since I have been washing my hair every other day to preserve the health of my hair I notice that after I release my shower bun my ends are sort of frizzy looking. Since then I have been looking for a hair oil of some sort to tame the frizz without giving me greasy looking hair and wouldn't interact badly with my dry shampoo at the same time. 

I had passed over this product for awhile and almost passed over it again due to the Allure stamp of approval because I feel I normally get sucked into hype products that just don't work for me but at $4.99 at Target I thought it wouldn't hurt to try this. I got to try this out the next day as luck would have it and honestly I didn't expect to like it but was pleasantly surprised that I did. I had this giant poof of dry ends after my shower and greasy roots to boot and honestly don't know why I didn't just wash it and be done with my first world pain.

 I stuck it out and dry shampooed my roots then prayed I wouldn't get any funky mix of serum/powder film at the ends of my hair. My hair almost instantly became tamed and like I just had freshly washed and dried hair. It felt lightweight and had the signature TRESemme scent going on. All TRESemme products have that scent to it but I really don't know what to describe the smell as. Just open up a bottle and see what I mean. My hair felt very smooth and shiny and just overall gave a nice healthy glow. 

I dispense two pumps, rub it between my palms, and then smooth it over the ends of my hair and add more if I need it. I have thin hair that is very straight but a lot of it so if you have thicker hair or thinner hair do however many pumps it takes to make your hair happy. Overall I was super pleased that my initial gut feeling was wrong. This has to be one of my new favorite products in my low maintenance morning routine. I will note that I didn't like using it on my wet/damp hair and prefer it on my second day ends. I feel it made my hair look a bit on the greasy because it was hard to get it absorbed into my wet hair without it looking stringy. But yes, I will be using this every time my hair needs a pick me up at the ends and if nothing changes I would definitely repurchase it because it is not only one of the best budget smoothing serums I have found but on of the best hair serums period and it really does deserve the Best of Beauty title. 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

City Color Contour Kit Swatches and Review

I have been wanting to get a contouring kit for awhile and while I was at Generation  Beauty City Color had one for sale for $5, normally $7, and I thought why not? I tested the kit out and I really liked the texture of the pressed powders and thought at $5 it was a bargain. I mean, yes I have a matte bronzer and a highlighter I like but I thought I would like to have just one kit to use for traveling or just in case I cannot for the life of me find what I need. Because you know those beauty lovers/bloggers that have the nice organization system for all of their makeup, yep...that's not me. I do have a system but I cannot for the life of m keep up with it. So good makeup kits are my boyfriend. 

I know when I first look a look at this kit I was just thinking meh the whole time. I mean, I thought the contour was too dark and I would end up looking like I got some dirt on my face but I did like the bronze color as it is very matte. As for that highlighter, no it isn't ghostly white on the skin, unless you really pile it and and just don't blend at all. It just gives a nice subtle shimmer to the skin 

I wanted to show you all how the colors looked side by side on my skin. I wanted to exaggerate the highlighter a bit because it just wasn't translating well on camera but it does blend to a sheer shimmer that looks better in person, I promise. I just really like how matte the bronzer and contour color are. I am almost obsessed with it. I really think this kit is good for a beginner at contouring. It really helps give me an even more angled look with a couple swipes to my jawline and at the hollow of the cheek. Blending is super easy and I use my elf flat top studio brush which works great because I really hate using a fluffy brush to blend out on my jawline because it tickles. I do find myself reaching for other highlighters as the one included can seem a little too subtle for some nighttime looks but is perfect if you just want a slight glow for an everyday daytime look. One other thing I dislike is that it just has a magnetic closure and can pop open easily but if I do travel with it I will probably end up rubber banding it shut. 

Overall I really like this kit and I think it's a good investment in my collection. I would definitely buy it again if I don't find something better. But really, at $7 I can bring this with me on a vacation and not have to worry so much about loosing it but I really hope I never do loose it. I hope you enjoyed my input on this and if you think you found another good contour kit let me know! I'm always looking for some good contouring items. 


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nair Clay Hair Remover Review

When I first started shaving my mom made me use this horrible loud electric shaver from the 1960's or 70's because she was so afraid of me cutting myself. I was desperate to ditch the huge clunky machine so I thought it would be a good idea to start using Nair. The smell was horrible but somehow I thought I won the war against my mom and her pleads to leave my armpit and leg hair alone. Flash forward to now, I have switched to razors but now I wish I listened to mom and never started shaving at all. Well, not really. But it is such a pain to keep up with it and and getting my knees shaved is the biggest struggle ever. 

I spotted this spa clay at Big Lots and decided that maybe, just maybe that the formula and scent has gotten better. Though I have never seen so many steps for a depilatory in my life. I felt while applying the cream on my skin the pink spatula was pretty dang useless. 

I do like that it comes with a sponge to dip in the jar and spread it on your legs but then you have to rinse it off and you still get some of the product on your hands and it still stinks but thankfully not as much as it used to back when I first started using it. 

The texture of the cream was very thick and stayed on my legs without slipping. It did feel a little bit tingly as I left it on my skin but I used to get that feeling with the creams before. 

These two added steps were some wipes to prep the skin and a moisturizer to apply after you get out of the shower. I let the moisturizer wasn't very effective and that just using a little aloe gel or an unscented lotion would be good enough. As for the wipes, you only get two. Two. I don't know what they were thinking but there are way more than 2 applications in that jar. the wipes were a bit on the oily side so I think it was to moisturize and soften the hair before application. I think a little dry oil on the skin would be good enough as a substitute. 

So it got most of the hair off my skin but there were patches where my fur was like "Uh uh! I'm staying right here bro!" and it took some extra effort to rub it off or I had to resort to shaving a tiny place I missed. But I miss places when I shave all the time anyways so that is no big deal. What I don't like is how fast it still grew back. I remember it not growing back as fast before maybe taking 2 days to grow back in but I had dark stubble with this the next day. what was the point of taking longer than shaving and all these steps if it was just going to grow in dark polka dots the next day? 

What I did notice was that all of the hair around my knee was gone and stayed gone for a pretty long time. I am super afraid to nick myself while shaving and I always have peach fuzz around my knee. I would definitely switch to just using any depilatory around my knee then shaving the rest off. To me the extra time would be worth it to not have hairy yeti knees. 

Overall this whole thing reminded me of how much I hated the smell of this stuff but then opened my eyes to just using it on my knees exclusively to just make my life easier. Would I ever repurchase this again? Not this formula, maybe one of the original ones but not this. I don't think it is very effective at taking off all the stubborn hair on my legs and my hair isn't even that thick. 


Friday, June 20, 2014

May 2014 Glossybox Review

I was super freaking excited to hear that Glossybox was doing a collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman for the month of May.  I was most excited because of all the skincare goodies that were possibilities in the box. We would all also receive a gift card for $25 to use at Bergdorf Goodman online or in stores. I just so happened to have enough glossydots to redeem for a free box this month so it was just all free, free, FREE!!! I earned it after sticking with them for a year and just reviewing the items on the site. Took long enough! Sheesh! 

But I really regret not buying a gift box for myself on top of my usual box because I got some really good stuff. I wouldn't have minded getting two of everything plus I believe the gift card was stack able. Oh well, I still am glad I got a good deal anyways. I liked the box and was happy with all the purple as it is my favorite color. I used the giftcard online on the very last day before it expired on Dior Show Mascara and shipping was free plus I wasn't charged tax. All I had to do was enter my card number and they sent it to me super fast. I was super happy I found something I wanted for the exact amount on the card. I will be reviewing the Dior Show later because it has been years since I have used but I remember liking it. I sure hope my opinion hasn't changed about it. 

I got everything I wanted in my box. I really wanted more skincare items and the ones offered this month were mostly serums and I got a face cream. I had also gotten the Hair CC cream, a primer and hand cream and a hand cream. I was a little disapointed that the hand cream was so small but it smelled like heaven and I have yet to touch the hair cc cream or the primer. All I really want to talk about for now are the top 3 items I am excited for in my box. 

I think this face serum was the most exciting thing I got in the box. So far I have barely discovered serums so trying a new one and comparing it to my other one should be fun. This is a brand I have not heard of before but am willing to try anything to help preserve my skin. This so happens to be the lifting serum with pure gold and plant stem cells that is supposed to keep skin moisturized. 

I know that some people say that your really don't need anything special for undereyes and some people say you do. I feel that maybe you don't but it really wont stop me from trying a product that is aimed to be for eyes only. I really don't have many lines around my eyes but I do feel that isn't an excuse not to take care of the skin around there. I see it as me being proactive and taking care of something before it happens to get in the habit of doing it. If in the process my skin looks good then I'm good with that. I would just rather have a good habit now than to try and develop it when I really need to. So I will see if this works on my fine baby lines and if it does I will report back to you. 

I have seemed to get this brand Sulwhasoo confused with The History of Whoo which is an amazing brand (which is also on the pricey side) but The History of Whoo works like nothing else I have ever used. I am hoping to see something awesome to come from using this because I really have faith in my Korean face care products. I will probably be using this after my serum and face oil but before my sunscreen. The texture is very heavy so if it doesn't work out with my normal everyday routine I will probably switch to using it at night. 

So there you have it! I think this is one of the better boxes I have received because there is NO mascara or nail polish. I seriously need a break from those two items. Is it possible to send a note to them all stating I am going on hiatus and no longer accepting mascara and nail polish? Says the person who bought a mascara with her gift card....Until next time lovelies!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jewelmint May 2014 box

I have been wanting to try a jewelry subscription box for a long time now and now that I have kind of given up on Julep I decided to swap it out for a Jewel Mint VIP box instead. By stalking people on Instagram and reading a few blogs I decided on this one because the jewelry didn't look too cheap and usually wasn't too flashy looking. I actually thought I was purchasing a collaboration box but then soon realized that it was the regular old VIP box. I was okay with that as it still was a mystery to me as to what I would be getting. It was also the same price of 29.99 for 3 pieces. It came pretty quick as I think it ships from somewhere in LA and I live close by. I can easlity say this is up there in the pretty packaging rank with the sturdy black box and blue ribbon. 

When I opened it I honestly thought to myself "Oh gawd, not dingle dangle earrings!" I have absolutely no earlobes and most hanging earring hurt me or make my ears itch like nothing else. I think they're allergic to fabulous. I just can't stand how they usually make my ears feel like they're dragging but they look so dang pretty. I'm cursed I tell you. As for the rest of the items, I didn't notice them because I was too busy dreading trying to figure out what to do with the earrings. 

Crescent Falls Earrings 

They are pretty cute though, I felt so bad that I actually tried them on and figured I could pass them onto my sister or something if they really did bother me too much. But they actually didn't. My ears didn't feel itchy, they were lightweight and felt like I was just wearing regular ol' studs. I ended up wearing them all day at Genbeauty on Saturday with a black cowl neck romper and sandals for a more casual cool vibe. Another complaint I usually have about dangle earrings is that they get caught in my hair and these ones didn't.
Robin 1 - Box 0 

Rayonnant Pendant 

The necklace upon further inspection is pretty cute and all but I really wish that the chain was thinner. I like a thicker chain usually because they are harder for me to ruin but this one calls for something more delicate. I feel that the chain being too large distracts from the actual gems and sparkle. I have yet to find a good outfit to wear it with but will most likely pair it with a simple V neck tshirt maybe in white or grey to lend a more hippie vibe to my look. I am not a hippie dippie person but have been leaning more towards the style lately. 
Robin 1 - Box 1

Helena Bracelet

Ugh, the more I look at this bracelet the more I dislike it. I sit all dang day at a desk typing and trolling and wearing this to work would just be a waste because I would end up taking it off so I don't cut off my circulation. I don't really wear bracelets or bangles to begin with and probably would have preferred that I got something not so stiff. On top of that I hate how it fits. It just feels so tight and stiff and doesn't move up or down my wrist. No movement. Nadda. A little bit more wiggle room would have been nice. But yes, this one might definitely go to my sister if I do not warm up to it. 
Robin 1 - Box 2

Do I feel they captured the Midsummer's Night Dream inspiration that they were going for? I guess they did with the earrings, not so much the other two. I would have rather received a necklace with a donkey head on it because the one included looks more like a sand dollar or a funky daisy to me.  Please someone make one because I would wear it. but I guess they were trying for something along the lines of romantic more than literal inspo. I would have preferred something along the lines of magical with fairy looking elements than a "romantic" feel. Or maybe I am being too nit picky. All I know is that my first impressions after opening it were blown away and ended up liking the one thing I thought I would hate the most. 

For $30 I don't think I would do this every month. Maybe every once in awhile or if there is another collab where I feel like it might be worth it. I do like how it makes me think more out of the box for my outfits as I really don't purchase much jewelry because I end up just buying the same style over and over. The quality of the items are pretty good except for the bracelet where I thought the plastic "gems" just made it look cheap. Maybe if it was a better quality plastic I would deem it okay but everything seems very sturdy anyways. If I get anymore of the boxes I will let you all know what I think but I might try a different jewelry sub box before I do. 


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mac Sheertone in Pinch Me

mac sheertone pinch me

I bought my very first Mac blush a few months back and ever since then I have been itching to get at least one more. Fast forward to now and I have finally bought my second one. I was looking for something that wasn't too shimmery or even something that was a bit on the matte side and something that would look good on summer skin or just in general. I am more into a natural looking blush but I am not afraid to play around and make the blush the star of the show. But blush is definitely something I can't do without in any makeup look. Just a light dust gives my face the "I'm alive!" glow. 

mac sheertone pinch me

mac sheertone pinch me

The color I ended up getting the color Pinche Me which Mac describes as a medium dirty rose coral and is apart of the sheertone line of blushes. I really like how it is more rosey than coral and it looks very natural with any look. I think it gives a nice flush that doesn't look too overdone with a smokey eye or bold lip. It just brings the right amount of color to my cheeks so I don't look so flat. I feel it can also be the star of the show if you decide to do a bolder cheek. 

mac sheertone pinch me

I really like how warm and natural it looks on my skin and how buildable it is. I think this is up there as one of my new favorites. It also looks great with a little bronzer or contouring and lasts for most of the day without having to worry about touch ups. I feel that if there is any shimmer in this then I really cannot see it at all. If i do happen to want some slight shimmer all I have to do is add the tinniest bit of highlighter to the tops of my cheek bones and Voila! The right amount of glow for daily wear. So far it has been one of my favorite Mac purchases to date but then again, I don't have many Mac products to begin with! But lately I have been passing up on using my favorite Nars Orgasam in favor of this and that says more than any words here on the blog as Orgasam has been my HG since 2010. Overall this is an awesome blush and I really can't wait to hit pan just so I can get it again.