Monday, November 24, 2014

Dial Greek Yogurt Nourishing Body Wash Review

I was out practicing some extreme couponing one day and came upon this Dial Greek Yogurt body wash and was just thinking "Why the heck not?" I had a coupon for $1 off, this was already a dollar off and was only going to cost me something like $1.50. I really like my Caress brand body wash as it makes me feel really fancy even though it is a drugstore brand. I'm weird, I know. But Dial brand really makes me think of it as a meh kind of brand. We used to aways have the Dial hand soap in the classroom so I never really reached out and want to actually purchase a boy wash from them. I do not want to be reminded of the hand soap in grade school when I am in the shower. I like feeling fancy. What sold me was the scent, Vanilla Honey. Yumm! 

I like feeling moisturized as well and I like the idea of yogurt in a body wash, it just made it seem more luxurious than what the brand image normally conjures up for me. The scent totally is a dessert I would make for myself when I am trying to eat light but want to have something rich and indulgent. My favorite thing is a nice bowl of original %2 Fage greek yogurt (because plain Fage is for hardcore yogurt lovers who don't want froofy overly sweet berry puree in it. I honestly can't stand most flavored yogurts) and you add a little side-of-the-road or any local honey and some fresh raspberries on top for extra yummy-nes. So yes, it smells like a healthy dessert/snack. 

I do like how moisturizing this is and because it lathers a lot I sometimes use it for a bubble bath after a particularly hard week. There really is nothing better than a soap sud beard and a glass of wine on a Friday night. It is not sulfate free but I guess that's how they get it to suds so much. And wouldn't the sodium chloride (aka salt) dry out the skin eventually? I'm not too sure but I don't use it everyday so I don't think I will have a chance to find out. There's also a couple other questionable ingredients so if you're worried about what goes on your body then maybe tis isn't the body wash for you. I'm not really into the whole all natural and no "bad ingredients" movement but I know others are but I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I know what's good and what isn't. I will never give you info that I have no clue about, I'm still doing my own research and if you're interested you should do so as well. I could never remember everything that is bad for you when I go shopping even when I do my research. I try, but it's a process. 

So overall, I liked it but I want to find something less "bad" for my skin. I will continue to use it as a bubble bath here and there as actual bubble bath products are so dang expensive. Plus they don't get as frothy and I get pretty awesome soap moustaches with this product. 


*This product was bought with my own cash monies with lots of coupons. Coupons are awesome. Thoughts and review came of my own weird thought process. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

La Neige Bright Renew Original Serum Review

Lately I have been obsessed with making my skin look good. I have always had problem skin prone to being oily and acne prone. As I have gotten older the oily part went away but it didn't take the acne with it. Most of the time its hormonal acne and I get one huge honker of a pimple somewhere. On top of that I am trying to be proactive about taking care of my skin and using anti aging products now before I really really need them. I decided to look into getting a serum to add into my routine and this LaNiege Bright Renew Serum was the first one I bought. 

I bought this because I really do like trying Korean skincare products or pretty much any Asian skin care product for that matter. This one promised to brighten my skin and when I tried the tester on the back of my hand I was really impressed with how lightweight it was. I really like to layer my products so having good stuff in it and being lightweight is essential to my game plan. As I do have some (mostly) hormonal acne I get a large pimple or two and maybe those small little whitehead looking pimples. Those baby pimples really are the devil. But I scar very easily and no matter how careful I am to not pick at my acne, I do and I end up with acne scars that eventually go away but as soon as one leaves, a new one is there to laugh at me in the face. So anything that helps lighten and brighten my face and fade my scars goes home with me. 

What I did notice about this product is that I really liked it from the start, except for the light scent. I'm not into scents too much as it can cause irritation in some people. The scent/perfume didn't irritate my skin but I know someone out there might be affected by it. I did like the scent though, it smelled like clean soap and cotton and wasn't too offensive. I will say that I eventually plateaued with this and put it in the back of my pile of skin care. I decided to give this a try again maybe a month or two later but this time I had started using a my Sea Breeze toner which I talk about here. This with a toner worked even better for me then before and pretty soon my bottle was empty. 

I will say even though I liked this product and eventually got it to do what I needed it to do with the help of other products, I think I will try even more serums. I'm not ready to settle down just yet and this is really only the beginning with serums. At $45 for a bottle of this I want it to work and work well all the time. So yes its's good but I feel that there my be better out there or at least I hope there is better. I have just purchased another product from this line, the BB cushion and am just testing it out to see how I like it and I might look into using the emulsion that they have. I'll let you know about the BB cushion and if I do get my hands on the emulsion I will let you know how that goes as well! 


*This product was bought by me with my own hard earned cash monies