Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Spirit - Things I am afraid of

So Halloween is just around the corner and I have completely dropped the ball on getting a costume together in time yet again. This is the second year in a row and I am disappointed in myself but its okay because I can just kind of wing it if I really need to. As I will not be going out or partying I don't really see the point in doing something intricate as I wished to do. I still wanted to get into the spirit because it is a fun holiday that brings me back to being a kid and having a simple life where I could just go out, trick or treat all night and fall asleep guarding my Reese's cups. So I have constructed a list of things that scare the crap out of me. In all honesty I love being scarred and I like the small adrenaline rush I get from being scarred. It keeps you young and I really wish to never grow up. These are the top ten in no particular order at all. 

1) Fuzzy Cactus
Yes, it is a very silly thing to be afraid of but surprisingly I am afraid of touching them. I mean, who knows what little creepy crawlies are inside this thing waiting to spring out at me? I am not willing to stick around and find out! 

2) Holes in the skin
I refuse to post a picture up a picture of this because last time I saw pictures I had nightmares. I think I might have nightmares just thinking about what I have seen. whatever you do DON'T GOOGLE IT! This might be my biggest fear out of all of these listed. 

3) Ghost stories
 I don't get scared from any other movie type than ones with hauntings or anything supernatural about the afterlife/possessions. After a good story I will have nightmares for a couple days. I can handle gore surprisingly. Too much blood though and I get a bit squeamish. I can in all honesty watch something about haunted lighthouses in the middle of the day and be scarred senseless. 

4) the Snuggle Bear
Watch some old commercials of the Snuggles bear. I swear he is my version of the Chucky Doll. He's evil I tell you! EVIL! If you don't believe me you should watch this.

5) Roaches
Seeing bugs, I am fine but once they get on me they get squished. The only house bug I have a hard time with  are roaches. Once a bully back in Middle school threw a dead roach in my hair in the gym locker room and I totally freaked out. After I got it out of my hair I pulled that chick's hair and whipped her around and hit her head into the locker. I am not a confrontational person and I have always been quiet and nerdy (I played in a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in school during lunch)  so everyone went quiet when that happened. Nobody told on me, she stopped bullying me and that was the only time I have ever got that confrontational with somebody in my entire life but I am still afraid of roaches. 

6) The Dark 
I have always needed a nightlight because I have always been afarid of the creepy crwaly things I can't see in the dark. And afraid of hitting my knee on the damn coffee table. I think my favorite nightlight was the lava lamp my mom got me. it was soothing and was cool to watch when I couldn't sleep. I also have to sleep with music going on in the background if I am home alone. I don't like hearing the noises houses make in the middle of the night. 

7) Babies 
So cute but yet not so cute. I think of the possibility of picking up somebody's newborn and getting all googly eyed over how cute they are and then OOPS! The baby squirms and I drop it. They're just to precious for someone as clumsy as me to touch. I am also afraid to touch a pregnant person's belly while they are pregnant. I get the urge to touch because it's such a unique and curious thing to carry something living inside you but then I get scarred that I'll touch the belly too hard and somehow hurt it inside the mother or that it will hurt her. I think my mind is being a bit silly about this one. 

8) Really crowded places 
I hate small places with waaaaayyyyyy too many people, I hate large places with waaayyyyy too many people. Concerts, malls, cities, movie theaters, gyms, coffee shops, theme parks and others of the like. I am afraid of the mob mentality that comes with being in a large group of people. I am afraid of a disaster happening and being trampled under someone's shoes while they run to save only themselves. I am afraid of all that body odor. I can't think of a worse way to die than having multiple people clamor for an exit over your body as their sweat runs from their body onto your face. or maybe I am being over dramatic? 

9) Squirrels 
I really have a love/hate relationship with these cute killers. On one side They're cute, fluffy and just look at those paws at it's mouth. On the other end, they scurry so fast if they wanted to attack my jugular they would. I know it. Look at those evil beady eyes, you can see the thirst for blood in those soulless black pits of despair.  But at the same time I try feeding them, chasing them and trying to pet the tame ones everyone has fed at the park. I feel like Evel Kenivel jumping the Grand Canyon every time I feed one a slice a bread from my bare hands. 

10) Dying from a freak accident
I think most people would like to pass on after a full life when they're 120 years old in their sleep. I hope that is what happens with me because I don't think I (nor anybody else for that matter) would be able to handle dying from a freak or gory death. I mentioned only ghost movies really scare me but I am also a bit freaked out about any and all the Final Destination movies. Not because of the blood or gore but because it reminds me that my life could come to a freakish crashing halt.

So there you have it! Those are some of the things that I fear and hopefully I didn't scare you guys with all of these things. I know some of these are silly things to be afraid of but hey, I do get freaked out about them. I hope you enjoyed the post and hope to see comments about things that you fear as well. If you have a similar post on your blog be sure to link it to me because it's always interesting to read about others fears are. 

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