Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Olay fresh effects BB cream first impression

I have recently signed up for influenster in March and am glad to announce that I have received my first box box! I received the sun kissed box which included high heel gel insoles from Dr. Scholls, sinful colors new gel shine nail polish, goody hair ties and the new BB cream from Olay available in stores now.

I was most excited to try the BB cream out of all the products so I gave it a whirl this morning. The packaging is really nice, clean, fresh and overall younger looking as opposed to the rest of their products. This product comes in a decent looking squeeze tube. I really don't mind a squeeze tube as it uses less plastic and makes it less bulky. I know others might prefer a pump but for me it isn't a deal breaker.

Then, applying it I already noticed that it was one shade lighter than my natural skin tone. for me that's no biggie because then I could use it for undereyes...but no. That wouldn't even be possible at all. Trying to blend it on my skin I found it instantly disappeared! I'm all for light coverage but this was ridiculous. There was absolutely nothing covering any bit of imperfections. On top of that I found it made my skin look oily. I felt like an instant oil slick and the feeling didn't disappear through the day and I even set it with powder like I do with all foundations and bb creams. I just wanted to wash my face it was so bad. The funniest thing about this is that the formula is oil free. What a fail.

So now I have a useless product taking up precious real estate. It makes me look so oily I can't even use it as a sunscreen under my normal makeup routine which is a shame because it offers a decent SPF of 35. Overall, it just didn't sit well with me and I Definitely wouldn't reccomend anyone who has any color in their skin to use it and it's not for anyone who has anything but dry skin. The shade selection is very limited with shades made only for "super pale" to "pale but not too pale" skin. Thanks for excluding the rest of us Olay!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My GenBeauty experience

Now that I've had a couple of days to clear my mind, hash things over a bit and analyze everything that happened and whatnot this past weekend at Generation Beauty I will ho ahead and give you my two cents. I haven't bothered reading anyone else's posts on the subject matter as I really don't want to be swayed a different way.

The first day Friday, was just early registration and no big hoopla going on, just girls with their stuff chatting in their bright summer outfits looking more like a flock of birds chirping around a bird feeder. You picked out a color coded name tag, which I picked"ipsy subscriber" which...I wish I never did. I honestly should have picked "beginner creator" I'll let you know why. Throughout the sole event you hung the lanyard with you're name tag, displaying the color. The first thing you see is the color, not the name, URL or anything else you put on there. It felt that the vendors were keeping their eye out for everybody but those displaying pink tags. As soon as I mentioned I was a blogger (I never said I was good at this) their tune changed a little but brighter. Like I had something they wanted...free coverage of their products and services.

This really was more of a place to look for connections, and butter up the sponsors. As someone who's always loved beauty products and giving and taking advice and just starting out actually doing what I've always loved doing, writing and just barely launching the ship into the sea of blogs hoping to reach my utopia, maybe it wasn't exactly my moment to be talking to others and making connections because I'm so inexperienced. I did gain wisdom and insight from the guest blog/vlog speakers and a huge haul of goodies worth over double my ticket ($80).

So if you decide to go, go as a fan of a blogger and see your favorites and get goodies or if your a creator/vendor go for the great connections. If you're in the middle of the rocky road to steady blogging and doing something you love...go with a friend. It will make a huge difference. I really wish I dragged someone else along with me.