Monday, November 4, 2013

Rimmel Exaggerate Unerdercover Shadow Primer

I am always excited to see a new product from Rimmel and this is no exception. I am always excited to try out any eyeshadow primers. Even if I only use just an eyeliner I will use a primer because I think that nothing is more embarrassing than one eye looking more lined than the other. I also tend to look for primers with very little if no glitter at all. This one has a little bit of shimmer but not enough to make me look like a disco ball. I find that there was no tacky feeling, and that the texture felt a little slippery but dried out to a soft finish.  

As for intensifying eyeshadow I think it does what it claims. These are swatches of the same exact color from my Naked pallet. On the left the eyeshadow has the primer underneath. I don't find that it has a scent so if you are worried about it, I sure don't smell anything at all. For now I will use this in my rotation and see if it beats out my favorite. If I do find it to become a favorite I will make a mention of it in a future post. If I do end up liking it I don't think the $4 is too much of an asking price 

What do you think about the Rimmel eyeshadow primer, have you tried it yet? Did you think it lived up to the claims? let me know what you think by either commenting me or by email if you wish! I do also frequent Twitter more often than I really like to admit so you can join me over there if you wish. 

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