Thursday, August 1, 2013

Glossybox's Limited Edition Wedding Box

Glossy box has to be my favorite subscription box I have ever found. No, I am not being paid to say these things. I bought every box from them with my own hard earned money. Besides, I have only been blogging for 3 measly months and have no subscribers or even a single comment yet (crosses fingers & knocks on wood) so if that's what you think you cray cray. 

But when you take a look at the box and see how beautiful it is being a light pink color with their simple elegant logo on top you have to swoon just a little. To me these boxes feel womanly and grown up but still with the nostalgic and childlike joy of Christmas. 

But this box was a special edition box with a wedding theme and would like to announce...I am not getting married. Nor am I going to be in a wedding and I am not invited to one or know of anyone who is getting married. I just got it because well, I like weddings and surprises.  This box was $40 which is very pricey to me but I decided to treat myself and it promised $120 worth of products. 

 When first opening this box I noticed this large package containing these adorable makeup sponges. The floral shape they take really add to the wedding theme and sponges do add that airbrushed look brides want today. I myself use sponges to apply my face and will enjoy trying these out. I admit I am not familiar with the brand and nobody talks about any other sponge but the beauty blender nowadays.hopefully these are of better quality than my everyday Target brand I usually buy.

Then I noticed these bright and perky little bows which turned out to be shoe clips. they were a bonus item and are designed by Glossybox for their box. I honestly could have made these, I used to make them for my Etsy shop but there really isn't a need for them because most flats vome with a littl string bow anyways and the shoe clip I find gets caught and I'm afraid to ruin my shoes. I will figure out what to do with these (add rhinestones?) and maybe get back to you on these. 

Here's a nice multitasker right here which happens to be a double ended eyeliner/shadow combo. I am unfamiliar with the brand but I do love me a chance to try something new. 

The color is a nice neutral brown that anyone would enjoy. I know some brides like the glam look but this would be more for someone who wants to look more natural and maybe a more glamorous version of themselves. If i was a bridesmaid or attending a wedding I would want to do a more of a look that requires less maintenance. 

Having the shadow attached has it's benefits, you know it matches and you can stick it in a clutch purse in case you have to touch up if you get sweaty on the dance floor. More makeup, more problems and you would want to enjoy yourself  instead of worrying you look like a funky raccoon. 

Mascara...the last thing I need more of but can understand why they put it in the box. you need to complete the look and a volumizing mascara will always do the trick. The only thing I think would be a problem is that it is not waterproof and since most weddings occur during the summer I can see it melting off. I believe that Anastasia brows makes a top coat that makes your mascara waterproof. I do have a sample size I got from Generation Beauty but still have not used it and now I have an excuse to try it out. 

The brush looks nice, and the formula looks "wet" if that makes sense to you. It just looks like a normal brush to me. I prefer the smaller bristles like you find on the Clump Crusher from Covergirl. 

This nail polish would be perfect for me since no matter what I do it always chips on me. This nude pink would disguise any chips and nicks that occur when I paint my own nails. The only reason I have not been using it is because I have  a ton of nail polish I bought that I have never used and am slowly going through them and trying them all out. that and I was waiting for my julep maven box to come in as well. sue me, I love having tons of colors to choose from. 

I saw this and almost went bonkers. Seriously. I have been looking for a peel to try and opted for a microdermabrasion from Boots Botanicals instead. I still wanted to try one and now I have no excuse. I really cant wait to try this out. 

What I got from their website was this
"Facial milk with natural peeling particles from the Acai palm tree. This face peel gently exfoliates the skin, removing surface cells and impurities. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines by combining Olive oil*, Shea butter* and *Sweet Almond oil* with Gotu Kola extract that soothe the skin after the peel."

Some benefits from doing a face peel is that they even out skin tone  fine lines and could even help with acne. It makes sense they put this in the box because the smoother your skin is, the better your makeup will apply and will look more even it will be and not settle into any fine lines. Here is a little info on the basics of peels.

Last but not least, I received this hair oil from Matrix. I have tried this a couple times and have fell in LURVE with it.  I think this stuff is amazing and the smell is amazing and waaayyy better than my Dove brand I had been using. I must admit that I never really go out and buy more of something from a subscription box but maybe this time I will. 

Over all, I am in love with my box and was well worth the $40 I spent to get it. Oh, and you know how most boxes line the bottom with paper Easter grass? they lined their bottom with fabric flower petals. How sweet is that? I will figure out a way to make a DIY and reuse them in some way so they don't go to waste.   I can use and will use all the products except for maybe the bonus shoe clip item. 

tell me what you think about it!

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