Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Empties, Products I Have Used Up

BAM! My empties!!! (okay some have at most two uses left but essentially they are empty )
An areal view from the skies reveals my bare minerals and a single eye shadow from Almay. 
So this will be my very first empties post and I wanted to give it a go and see how I like it because I do like watching and reading other bloggers post about products they've used up and if they think they were worth buying them again.

 This is tore up from the floor up bad and is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Light. I would try to salvage the last few bits but I already have a new one I have been using. I think I originally got this on special for $3 and didn't think I would really like it but I ended up loving it. I love using this for under my eyes because I have horrible dark circles sometimes and this really does the trick to brighten it up without drying out the skin. This was well loved and repurchased and is used almost every time I put on makeup to go to work or just run errands. 

I admit, this is probably a low for me as I have been trying to hold out on using this particular eye shadow because they stopped making them. I think this is beyond hitting pan and beyond ridiculously old because i think I have had it since...2008? OMG does that make me a hoarder?!! I really can't bring myself to throw this away because I really love the peachy champagne color on my brow bones. 

This is a very loved color, I have never ever hit pan on any eye shadows in my life. Maybe because I have too many shadows but that's a whole other subject for another completely different post.

You may recognize this from my July favorites post and now this product is at it's final few stops before it's tiny little heart stops beating. I killed it and it was worth it because it offered the perfect amount of moisturization before applying my sunscreen on my face and neck. Yes, I do moisturize before I moisturize doesn't everybody? NO? Okay I admit I'm a weirdo but I admit ever since I started moisturizing with lighter moisturizers my T-zone doesn't get as oily. Also growing older probably helped a little too. 

I am very sad to see it go as I cannot find it in the store anymore. I think I can buy it online but as long as I don't have to pay shipping costs. 

This is the L'Oreal Studio Secrets professional base
I think this primer has been like this for ages. I used to think this was the best primer in the drugstore aisle for my skin but I was wrong and now have moved on. I do have a brand spanking new one waiting to be used so I will throw this out because it's probably unsanitary. I believe this was my third pot I have bought but at $10 dollars each it's a bit steep to be using everyday. I do like it but I would rather save my money for maybe the Smashbox ones. 

My holy grail primer. bask in its glory....

The Rimmel Fix & Protect Pro in 002  is my all time favorite everyday primer because it is not only cheap but also works to make my skin smoother and my makeup last throughout the day. I have already replaced this and the backup is in the wings waiting for the last bits to squeeze out because I am really trying not to waste a drop. I got this for about $5 and it lasts for a couple months of everyday use. I used to use the tinted one but found that the product separated after while and maybe the orangey color wasn't the best base for fresh makeup. 

My holy grail powders that I have used time and time again for a flawless look. I used to be self concious about my skin until I started using Bare Minerals. I feel that for my skin it doesn't make me oily looking or dry out my skin. I can use the colored powder and the mineral veil both, or just use the mineral veil as a setting powder for my BB creams. or sometimes when I have REALLY bad skin which for me now is getting to be less and less often, I will do a light layer of my foundation, use the concealer brush the kit came with and spot cover my dark acne scars and then buff a light dusting of the powder over the makeup to set it. I swear I get the best coverage that way. Plus it seems to dry out my pimples. 

I really don't know if it is normal to include home hair dye kits in an empties post but I might as well be honest with you and say, yes I dye my hair and I do it at home. I used to use a different one but I think they changed the formula or something because it doesn't work how it used to. It made my hair seem dry and the color selection isn't as good anymore. But I do remember using this a couple times and liking it but not enough to replace my old favorite but now this is my new favorite dye. The color is a nice dark chocolaty brown and I bought this recently because I had a really bad dye job where I accidentally picked a permanent dye and made my hair too light. I had an event that weekend and I really needed something gentle to use in my hair so I prayed to the at home dye job gods and applied  and honestly, I thought my hair would fall out but thankfully it didn't. There was minimal damage but I do have to say I have a lot more split ends and may need to schedule a hair trim sooner than I wanted to and I promise not to dye again for another few months. 

I really like this dry shampoo and for 
$3 a pop you really can't go wrong. It smells very tropical and doesn't leave any gross residue or leave a white cast on my dark colored hair. I am still looking for a suitable high end dry shampoo and was looking into the Sexy hair one and a Blow dry bar I went had their own but they didn't have a travel size so I could just try it without a full bottle commitment. 

So there you go, those are all my empty products which to me is amazing because I have so much crap I don't even know how I am going to use anything up especially since I have hoarder tendencies. It might be awhile until my next one so don't hold your breath lol. 

So hopefully you had a good read and maybe saw some old favorites of yours that may be sitting there and you will say to yourself  "Hey, maybe I should try that again and see if I like it." maybe? or maybe it's something you used up and go "Hey! That's what I forgot to get at the store today!" (that's me all day everyday).  Thanks for dropping in!

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