Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My first time at Honeyboba!

Here in the SGV, Asian tea houses are pretty big and that influence is an awesome one to have. I love being able to go to these styles of cafes to get my munchies on and being able to just relax and hang out with friends in a sober environment. Plus I think the food movement here in SoCal has pushed everyone to have some kind of twist on an already loved classic from Mac and cheese filled grilled cheese sandwiches with buffalo chicken to Korean tacos filled with bulogi and kim chi.

The inside of this place is pretty swanky with the chandeliers hanging. Definitely fancier than most boba shops!

The line practically goes out the door and doesn't relent. 

We ended up sitting outside because it was noisy with all the blenders going at the same time.
Here is my drink, Plum tea with honey boba.

Then to drink you pop a hole in it with a straw like you did as a kid with juice boxes. 

My fondest memories are hanging out after school with my friends, learning to use chopsticks and getting a boba milk tea. I really grew out of the creamy sweet milk teas and converted over to just an infused tea like a black tea with passion fruit or green tea with kumquat or maybe a cafe sua da. I also took out the tapioca balls out of my drinks and replaced it with Asian style egg custard if I've been good.. But this marks the first time in forever I have had any tapioca balls in  my drinks and man oh man was it delicious! I have had honey boba before but these are really the best I have tasted ever. I decided against getting the lychee lovers tea and got one I had never seen on a tea house menu before, the Plum tea. You can customize the drinks sweetness and because I do not like sweet drinks I got mine with half sweetness and it was totally perfect. It was a little sour, lighlty sweet and the boba were not chewy and sticky. Overall it is one of the better drinks I have tasted and is a must try if you are ever in the SoCal area.

Hopefully you all have been having a deliciously beautiful week so far!
What are some of your favorite places to hang out at? 


  1. I am definitely going to have to visit this place when I move back to LA!!! Looks amazing! New follower :)

  2. Thanks for reading Ashley! You're more than welcome to ask me if you're ever looking for new places to eat and drink when you do move back.



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