Sunday, August 4, 2013

My top 5 must reads that I havent read

I have not been able to just sit down and read a book like I used to. Back In middle school and high school I would read a 250-300 page book within maybe 6-7 hours. I read the last Harry Potter in 3 days but only because my little sister hid her copy because I wasn't able to buy my own copy. She wanted to read it before me but that wasn't going to happen. She's the stronger swimmer and I'm the stronger reader and that's the way the cookie crumbles. So I am sad to say I can't read like I used to. Sure, I read my fellow bloggers posts and news articles but I have not read a book since (very ashamed to admit it) Breakfast at Tiffanys a couple months ago. My problem is I have no darn clue on what exactly I should read so now I have done some research and comprised a list of my top 5 books I must finish (hopefully) by the end of the year.

1) Answered Prayers the unfinished novel by Truman Capote

There is just something that interests me in about an unfinished book from any writer. Promises of the book focusing on the high and low society life. If it is anything like Breakfast at Tiffany's I will surely be pleased with the outcome. I must read more Truman Capote.

2) Pale Fire by Vladamir Nabokov
The book is a poem done in 4 cantos and dives into life death and the wondering of an afterlife. What human being has never thought of such things? Don't we all? What interests me is what other people see and think about death and what is to come. When I read I love to see someone else's point of view and challenge how I think or feel. I don't know about you but for me it is my Achilles heel.

3) Speedboat By Renata Adler 
Yes, I really love coming of age stories. I loved reading The Catcher and the Rye so this seems to be right up my alley. Young female writer in New York filled with observations. Sounds like something I would do but never write abpout myself for fear of doing it wrong because honestly, its hard. It's intimidating. For me, it is a thrilling read.

4) A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess
This particular read interests me because of the writer's back story. Burgess had come back from abroad to his home in England to find the the youth culture had grown, including the rise of coffee bars, pop music and teenage gangs. His wife was beaten by american servicemen during WWII which caused her to miscarry her child. To see what this man wrote, and how he carried those feelings from his surroundings and events will most likely prove to be a great read. And no, I have not watched the movie.

5) Franny and Zooey By JD Salinger
I have read every single book from Salinger except for this one and I feel like such a loser for not completing them. But if you're a hardcore reader you know the feeling, once you finish...the adventure is over. It feels like your life isn't right anymore and you wish it would never end. I do admit, I have read the Franny half and not the Zooey half. What I noticed and loved about all his books it that they all seem so intertwined and connected in some small way. If you haven't noticed then I just gave you a good reason to go back and do a re-read. You're welcome.

So there's my list of books I'll try to read. I see they all seem to be downers but then again I've never been much into those "lady smut" books. I won't be too disappointed if I start reading some and say "This isn't just plain terrible, it's terrible with raisins in it!". Oh ho, ho Mizz Dorothy Parker you slay me! Okay, I'll stop with my inside jokes and if you have your own list you've made, comment with a link to your post. I really need more ideas of what to read. As you can see I like "classics that may or may not be banned somewhere in the world for being inappropriate" but I think if I were a book I'd like to be in that category as well.

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