Friday, August 2, 2013

July favorites

July, has it really ended? It just went by so fast and soon so will August. So since it is the end I have comprised  list of my favorite products that I have been using this month. I didn't really wear too much makeup because it's just too hot and is unnecessary. 

Big sexy hair spray and play

So first on my list is this hairspray even though I never did anything that really needed to hairspray like curls but I have been pinning my bangs back on my non hair washing days. Bobby pins always seem to slip and slide out of my hair so a quick spritz where my pins are is just a life saver. The spray and play I find is a lighter hold than most drugstore hairsprays which is great because then it doesn't weigh down and make my hair so stiff.

Suave dry shampoo

Moving on, you cant have a no wash day without some dry shampoo. The Suave is honestly the best I have tried out of all the drugstore dry shampoos I have tried. This one has the least residue and doesn't leave a crust behind my ears like the Dove brand does and has a nice tropical smell to it. 

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche

I have loved this fragrance for awhile now and is honestly not just a July favorite but a holy grail item in my beauty arsenal. I mean, most women feel instantly sexy with a quick spritz of their favorite fragrance. This just smells so clean, fresh elegant and timeless. I could still see myself wearing this 10 years from now. It has a floral and citrus scent that ends to a slight woody scent at the end of the day. I get  constant compliments and asked what I'm wearing and so it instantly boosts my confidence. 

Covergirl Clump Crusher
The only thing I really need to do to make myself presentable most of the time is a good mascara. The Covergirl Clump Crusher in black is perfect and the waterproof formula is great for any occasion. 

C. Booth Honey almond dry oil mist

I got this from my Glossybox for June? July? I forgot but it has been my favorite for my dry summer skin. I find that lotion can feel heavy and feel like a mask that's sliding off. Dry oil spray is a great alternative and has a wonderful almond smell to it. 

Maybelline Dream liquid mouse in light 5 

This has been in my makeup arsenal since it came out and I really love how it matches me perfectly and doesn't look like a mask. I find on me the coverage is blendable and goes on well with my fingers or sponge. It doesn't seem to oxidize and turn me orange or even a pink color like some foundations do. 

Julep nail polish in Paris 

I am and always have been obsessed with glitter polish. I love layering it on top because honestly, I can't paint my nails for the life of me. this hides the lumps and bumps and is really pretty. 
Plus it does look like what I imagine Paris would look like at night. as I have never gone I can only imagine and this polish always helps. 

Julep nail polish in Brit

Another Julep polish in a what seemed to me just another grey polish but what I didn't know was that it is a matte finish. When I saw it drying really fast and not glossy I was thinking "what the heck?!!" but liked it because A) it dried fast and B) it was smudge and lump proof.

The color is called Brit and i got it when the website had their online warehouse sale for the small price of $3. 

Please excuse my horrible cuticles as I have not gone to get them taken care of in over a month. Time to treat myself soon! But you will notice it is a nice dark grey that doesn't look like you dipped them in silver plating. Honestly I find it refreshing to find a non shiny metallic and will still be great for fall or for going out on a summer night. 
NYX blush in Dessert Rose 

If I feel I look a little dead and flat in the morning I love to add a little blush despite it being summer and everyone is all about a nice golden glow. I'm tan, I don't need to be any more tanned than I am. i was actually saving this Dessert Rose color for fall thinking it was going to be dark but it actually looks nice against my skin's coloring. 

SOHO London Blush Brush 

This brush is a find from my local Big Lots store and found it for only $3 and I am in love with the shape of the bristles and it is on the softer side. 

Maybe the only complaint about it is that is smells like my cat. I really don't know why because my cat doesn't get up in my brushes. O.o 

Bare Minerals mineral veil 

Okay, take a look. you would think this is the normal Bare Minerals mineral veil BUT....

Taking a closer look AFTER buying and opening it like an idiot I realize it's the Twilight version that makes me look like Edward Cullen in the sunlight. So I quietly set this aside thinking maybe I can pawn it off on my little sister. 
But then I started to use this as a highlighter and it works wonderfully. I use it for nighttime when I go out and I want to add a little extra glow. for daytime I will only use it for highlighting my brow bone for a more open and awake look. So if you bought this on accident like I did and are considering throwing it out, DON'T because you could be missing out on a great highlighter. 

Xtremem Lashes eyeliner

I hate eyeliner that doesn't STAY PUT. Just stay darn you! That is what this one delivers, a stay out formula that is blendable and dries so it stays put no matter what. The premise of this eyeliner and why I love it so much is that it was inspired by how well gel eyeliner stays on but is such a pain to apply with a brush. this is a gel formula in a pencil form. 

Dead Sea Minerals antiaging day cream 

I love, love, LOVE this day cream which is another Big lots find for three measly dollars. I love how light weight it is and use it under my sunscreen because for my skin, even though I am acne prone it has responded well to moisturizing before I moisturize. 

As you can see I am almost out of it which makes me sad because I haven't been able to find it at the store anymore. 
The texture is thick and goes on really smooth making my skin feel soft like butter. Hopefully I can find more of this and will start hoarding it immediately. 

So now that you have seen my favorites, what were some of yours for the month of July? Go ahead and link me to your blog featuring your own list. I'd like to read all about them. 
Stay tuned because I will be reviewing my August julep box I have just received complete with swatches!
Hope to see you next time everyone!


  1. I LOVE Sexy Hair products! The hairspray is great.

    Clump crusher has really impressed me this month too x

    1. Yes, couldn't agree more about both. The clump crusher is one of those things everyone seems to be raving about where it didn't disappoint me. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.


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