Sunday, August 25, 2013

Expert Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream Review

Yes, this is a half used tube of eye cream. 
I have been on a mission to find an affordable drugstore eye cream and on this mission I found one from the Boots brand which is a nice transplant from the UK to here in The States. I have so far have tried a foundation, microdermabrasion scrub and this particular eye cream. This particular eye cream is only $7.29 at Target which is a bargain buy for any eye cream because if I'm not mistaken they usually start at $15 and up. So I just had to give this a try at such a low price because worst case scenario it could just serve as a basic face moisturizer.

The formula is for sensitive eyes which I do not have but is not something I will dismiss when I'm shopping for any moisturizing creams. The formula is indeed very moisturizing and isn't greasy which I greatly appreciate. At the time of purchase I somehow had gotten a dry patch on my eyelid which is a huge surprise because I had never experienced a dry patch in my life. Within a week and a half the dry patch disappeared.

I think if you are looking for a an eye cream that just moisturizes that this is a great product but do not expect much more than that. I have a few lines underneath my eyes and none were diminished at all but I feel it would benefit someone younger looking to keep that area keeping it moisturized to prevent wrinkles.

Overall, I like this eye cream but I do not think I will repurchase it and will look for something that will erase the little bit of lines I do have but still is a great product for someone just looking for something to moisturize and to be gentle on the eye area as well.

This is a super creamy and moisturizing formula and is great for anyone younger and looking to prevent wrinkles. 

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