Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ipsy glam bag - July beach beauty

Yay! My Ipsy Glam bag arrived and even though this post is late, better now than never. 
As you can see, the bag this month is a fun day glow pink and see through

 Here is all the goodies laid out for all to see, only one brand is unknown to me and feature some pretty good sized items for me to play with. When I first opened it I was most excited about the lip crayon as I am totally obsessed with them. I always have loved me some Sexy Hair products and I am in love with beach sprays lately.

 I had a chance to look at the BH cosmetics booth at Generation Beauty and loved their shadows. I opted out of the colorful pallets because I fell in love with the mostly matte neutral pallet. 

The sample included one color from each of  the three California pallets and all colors I myself enjoy. 

Swatchy swatchy! The color payoff was pretty good and I applied on the back of my hand with my finger because I just washed ALL of my brushes and that took forever. If you have tons of brushes to wash, I feel your pain. 

I'm a little iffy about this tiny tube of  sunscreen but not because of the ingredient list but because how small it is for me. I used to think that moisturizing was the devil but now I have changed my ways and even moisturize before I use my sunscreen. for me i think it would be one in a half uses and you can never tell how a skin care product will affect your skins health after one day of use. unless it makes me break out then i very well know its a no go for my skin.  

Ah, someone else might be happy to get this sample but not me. I find no matter what I do the Benetint accentuates the cracks on my lips and doesn't have lasting power at all. please tell me what I am doing wrong? I desperately wanted to love this when I got it a few months back in my Birchbox but it failed to live up to what it claims.  

 Beach spray, I will try this next poolside trip or maybe make myself go to the beach and use this. or on a weekend. ive been feeling more in a ponytail mood anyways. 
Maybe a hair do how to will be in my future when I use this???

 I really wanted to love this, I really honestly did. I thought it was going to be more fushia and I love fushia 
colors on my lips. 

But its seemed more bubblegum colored in my swatch

 and showed up as bubblegum on my lips which I really hate. I hate the pastel lip colors and am more of a nautural, pink, berry or bright colored lip gal. I would love red but I have never had perfect skin to pull it off.  (sorry for the no-makeup and bad pores >.<)

Overall I am on the fence about this months bag. The thing I thought I would love I hated and got an item I know I hate. but the eye shadows make up for it and so does the bag. 

Let me know what you got in your bag and if you love yours or not!

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