Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Julep Maven box - Add ons included

 It's August and with a new month comes a new round of subscription boxes. The first round this month is from Julep Maven. This month's box was a celebration of the second year anniversary of the company and they decided to have a garden party theme. 

 This month I strayed away from my usual beauty profile and decided to get the It Girl box which featured 3 nail polishes instead of 2 and a beauty product. 

 I really love how they wrap everything really pretty and even came with some forget me not seeds. I gave those to my boyfriend to grow because I do not have a green thumb. I killed the plants in the office. my boss wasn't too happy about that. 

 The first nail polish that caught my eye was this orange one named Marjorie. They describe this as an orange frost. 

It took two coats and actually dint look that bad despite my fears of anything described as a frost. I think this might go on my toes next. 

 The next color which i was initially excited about getting was Fiore which is described as a espresso creme. I really actually wanted something just maybe a slightly "chocolaty" looking. 

To me I think it is a little on the muddy side, I might grow to like it but for now I think I am on the fence about this one.  

 The next one included in the box is this beautiful Fushia creme called Nellie. 

 This picture doesn't do it justice, I think in person  it is a bit darker and really the perfect girly pink for my tastes. I ususally reserve brighter pinks for my toes but I'll let this one will end up on my fingers. 

 I got this color as an add on to my box as I don't really have any darker blues to play around with. 

 Pardon my cuticle and finger nail, do we all have that one finger nail we all hate? This is my hated finger nail but the color is really pretty. Did I mention that I use my points and got this add on for free. I earned it! whoo!

Here they all are in their glory! 

 Everytime I say the name of this I think the Amityville horror but is a very pretty soft white gold/platinum. reminds me of a white gold band. very light and hard to capture. Definitely prettier in person. 

Omg I love glitter top coat nail polishes, as I may have mentioned before I am horrible at applying and keeping my polish neat and glitter hides my sins. 
I don't have anything like this already and will definitely be going on sometime soon. 

 I really need something better to take pictures with because this color is so awesome but I couldnt for the life of me get it right. 

I am totally in love with rose gold and this is enough of a pinky gold with a hint of copper? maybe it's more copper now that I am staring at the bottle some more. Regardless, I think its a beautiful metallic that isn't costumey which I seem to have a problem with nail polishes just looking *meh*-tallic. I am always wowed by Julep's metallics. 

So that's it, hopefully if you got this box and these add ons you were just as pleased as I am. If you are not subscribed to this box you can click here and sign up. If you'd like a blog post dedicated to everything I know about Julep's service you can contact me or comment below. I'm more than happy to get you hooked. 

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