Monday, March 3, 2014

Spending ban and making healthier changes

think since I started blogging my makeup spending has gotten a wee but out of hand so this month I have banned myself from unnecessary makeup purchases. I had been thinking about it for awhile now and realized I need to stop buying so many mauvey lipsticks and mascaras I absolutely do not need. Seriously, it isn't funny how many I have because it's my go to color. I can't even store everything I own in the boxes I got myself. I've bought duplicates of colors I already have because I have so much stuff. So I am just going to tell myself NO!

I had already set my limits on what I can buy for myself. Everyday essentials that I run out of, jeans and bras. I seriously don't have many good bras and I have worn out my cheap Old Navy jeans so it's time to invest in a nice sturdier pair. And if I do happen to run out of dry shampoos, body wash or loose all of my Chapstick in some freak accident then I can go ahead and put it in my shopping cart. 

I'm pretty sure this is going to be easier said than done because I already see myself buying those limited edition revlon lipsticks that just got rereleased. I told myself to get them months in advance so I think I'll have to break my ban for those. Sue me. I'm a sucker for limited edition items and I'm pretty sure if I wait too long I'll end up with none of them (OMG what have I become?!!).

On a good note I did take a buttload of product pictures this past Saturday so I really do have plenty of material to blog about for the next few weeks. I still have not found my camera cord to transfer the pictures to my computer so I'm just going to buy an SD card reader. I was going to eventually buy one because I hate the fact I have to turn on my camera and waste battery power transferring files. Also, what was the point in buying myself a new camera if I can't even use the photos I take on it?!! 

I have also decided since I get so worn out easily I better start going to the gym on a regular basis again. Facing facts, I am overweight and quite frankly I feel overweight. For me this is a choice I'm making by listening to what my body is saying and not what society has to say about me. If I still felt young and energetic and like I could conquer anything it would be a different story but honestly I don't which is super scary because I'm barely 25. I'm letting you all know here so I can be accountable and connect with anyone who wants to do the same. So if you're like me and can't stand going to the gym or exercise with someone else for whatever reason but still want the encouragement to get off your butt you can always contact me here. If you're shy you can just email me at or we can follow each other on twitter @veritypretty and you can direct message me there. I'm on the shy side too so I completely understand. 

Along with the exercise I'll have to start eating better as well and hopefully some recipes will go up here on the blog as well. I bought a cute serving bowl to display a salad or other healty stuff in. I can't wait to eat all the kale I want and no I'm not being sarcastic about it either. I freaking love kale salads and I really miss them a lot. It really won't be a "diet" the way people normally think of diets. It's such a dirty word to some and just puts images of deprivation into people's minds and it shouldn't. I will just limit my processed foods, more fruits and veggies, lean meat, whole grains, and good fats. The way we are really kind of supposed to eat. I figure the more balanced I eat the more balanced I will feel. 

So this month is all about change, trying new things, and gaining confidence and feeling accomplished through the transition. What's your month going to be all about? 


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