Monday, March 10, 2014

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser Review

I'm on the search for a new cleanser at the moment and when I saw the Deep Action Cream Cleanser from Clean and Clear I decided, why not? I'm all for trying something new and even though this has been around for years it's still new to me because I've never tried it before. It claims to clean deep into pores to remove dirt and makeup with a cooling fresh feeling. As my pore are ginormous I thought this would be perfect. Plus it being on the market for so long already it has to at least work and do some good in the skin cleaning process otherwise it would have went away a long time ago. 

Boy was I wrong. 

As soon as I put this on my skin I got a nice tingling sensation. It was pleasant and then it wasn't. As soon as I started cleaning my nose and cheeks the "cooling" effect drifted up to my eyes and they started burning. I immediately rinsed off the product and had to run the water all over my face for a few minutes to get the burning sensation to go away. 

This whole burning sensation is a completely new territory for me because I don't do any crazy treatments on my skin and I have pretty normal skin, nowhere near close to being classified as sensitive. The only time my eyes burn is when I accidently use too much sunscreen near my eyeballs and it gets in there but that can happen to anyone. So for something to burn my eyes when it's not anywhere close to being in the vicinity of them then I should not use that product ever again. 

There will be no second chances for you. You've lost my trust Mr. Deep Clean. The saddest part is that my skins texture pretty much felt and looked the same. No nice glow, lumpy overfilled pores on my nose, and a slight residue left over. It just didn't feel or look very clean. Maybe next time I'll get myself a cream cleanser that doesn't promise a tingly clean feeling. 

Have you tried this one before? Am I being a big baby and think I should suck it up and give it another try? 


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