Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boot's Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask Review

I think I have slowly but surely become a big fan of the Boot's brand because looky here, another Boot's product review but this time for the Boot's Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask. I have gotten tire of my face mask I bought awhile back because it honestly just works okay and I don't think it's something I would jump up and down for. I had been eyeballing the conditioning clay mask for months now and decided now is better than ever to give it a try. For $10 you get a 4.2 oz container which is on the smaller side of a bottle which is one of the main reasons that really held me back. 

The formula for this face mask is on the runny side and you may have to apply in layers if you are used to a thicker layer of mask on your face. It almost feels like the silt you would use in ceramics class but thicker. It is best to really give the bottle a good shake before opening because the product does separate just a little. I would describe it just as if you would open a bottle of mustard and there's that little clear bit of vinegar comes out and then a splat of the actual product if you do not shake. I don't like seeing it on my burger and I don't like seeing face mask splat in my hand in the same messy fashion. Overall I don't find it as a turn off because the packaging does say to shake before use so it's really my own fault for not following directions all the time. 

The face mask does dry pretty quick and I got this really nice tight feel like it was sucking everything off my face. after about 15 minutes I looked in the mirror to see that everywhere turned a light grey color as opposed to the dark charcoal it started out as. There were darker oil slicks that the mask sucked from my oily forehead which is my main problem area when it comes to oiliness on my skin. it was nice to be able to see that it really did work in drawing out impurities. After rinsing off the clay mask my skin had a nice glow to it and the pores on my nose shrunk a bit. The pores on my nose are the worst and I'm forever trying to shrink them. 

Overall I really like the mask even though my initial thoughts were that it was just going to be another overpriced drugstore product. I'm glad too see these preconceived notions blown away by beautifully smooth and glowing skin. If you're a fan of clay based face masks you should really give this one a try especially if you have oily skin as it sucks up the excess and doesn't dry up your skin. 

So have you tried the Boot's Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask? 


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