Monday, March 24, 2014

C. Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist Review

This honey almond dry oil mist by c.Booth is absolutely my favorite dry oil sprays of all time. All last summer this was a poolside favorite to re-moisturize after being in the pool all day. The combo of chlorine and sunshine can make my skin dry but this dry oil replenishes the moisture back without any greasy residue. Once on the skin it instantly soaks in the skin and gives a nice glow. I think my second favorite thing about this dry oil mist is the scent. Almond has to be in my top favorite scents because its just one of those scents that bring me back to being a kid. I used to love stealing my mom's almond cherry lotion and whenever we would go out to eat they always had hand soap in the same scent. Even though most of us haven't gotten much sun since summer this has been great for dry flaky winter legs and makes me look forward to future pool and beach visits. At only $8 for a 4oz. spray bottle, or less depending where you get it and lasts forever which for me makes it a bargain. I got this one in a Glossybox way back last year and barely knocked a dent in the 2oz travel size and would definitely purchase a full size once I hit the point where I was getting low. 

What is your favorite moisturizer that you've been using lately? 

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