Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Breckelle's Red Pointed Toe Flats

I have been craving a pair of red flats to fill my shoe collection again for forever. My wardrobe is pretty basic and consists of a lot of striped everything, polka dots and neutrals to get me through the workweek whole week. I finally caved in and bought these on amazon for $24 with free shipping but you can also find them over at which is the actual site that sells these. 

I live for pointed toe flats because honestly, I'm short and have really small feet my sister constantly likes to laugh at. I like to think that no matter what color I get that as long as it is pointy toed it will make my legs look longer somehow. 

Honestly these are going to be worn to death because they're so gosh darned cute! I just love how the backs kind of turn up and adds subtle interest and are super comfortable to run around the office in or get some coffee on the weekends in. I'm just super happy that I pulled the trigger on this because they're just perfect. 

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