Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Elf Picks - brushes and blushes

I have loved Elf brand for awhile now even though there have been a few misses I have found. Everything is pretty affordable and serves its purpose as an everyday wear. My top favorites that I could not live without would have to be the St. Lucia blush and bronzer duo and the smudge and eye shadow blending brushes. 

I have a nice set of Mac brushes and I really love applying my makeup with them but I cannot bring myself to buy multiple smudge brushes at almost $20 a pop. You can do it with a Qtip or a makeup sponge you can get in a cheapie pack from the drugstore. I say this is my favorite alternative. Dirt cheap brushes. These are only $1, a measly stinkin' dollar! I'd say much better than a Qtip or sponge because you can really reuse it over and over again. I have definitely gotten my monies worth over the past several months and can see these lasting me even more. Worst case scenario I see the metal part coming off and just hot glue gunning it back together. Or just buy a new one. 

I like using this for blending my eye shadows out and find this works just as great as any other I have tried. I think I even prefer this one to my Mac brushes. Shocker, right? This one is also a buck and has lasted me a good few months as well. Elf also has a studio line of brushes that start at $3 each but I find that the ones you get for $1 are much softer. If you prefer a stiffer blender then that one from the line would suit you better. I have one and since its black I use it to blend in a darker smokey eye and the white handled regular brushes for blending neutral/light eye shadow looks. 

The next one on my list is the Elf Contouring Blusher and Bronzer in St. Lucia. I have had this color combo in my makeup kit forever. I think I discovered it 4, maybe 5 years ago and haven't looked back. It has been rotating in my daily makeup routine and is just great for everyday use. 

You may have seen this in other blogger posts saying this is a good dupe for the Nars Orgasam Blush and Laguna Bronzer. I would say a yes and a no on that myself. 

The blush here is more of a pink peach with less golden undertones than Orgasam. Both of the colors look very natural on my complexion. A dupe? I think not but that's a post for another day!

As for the bronzer I think its as good of a dupe you're ever going to get of Laguna. Its a nice deep chocolaty brown with not too much shimmer. I find that when I swatched Laguna in store it was just waaayyyyy too dark and I would need a lighter hand to operate or I could look like I have leftover chocolate bar all over my face.  I really find it does a great job for dusting along my jawline for a bit of a slimming effect without looking like I tried too hard. 

The indoor lighting lighting is pretty harsh and the best way I could get the colors to show up was on my fingers like this. 

Since these are my favorites I decided to add them to the giveaway I have here on my blog located here at this post for all US residents over 18. 

Hopefully my makeup brush "tips" helped you out. You really don't have to but expensive brushes for blending but then again I am no professional makeup artist.I will never be one either but I think most of us out in the world can say the same but the common thread that binds us is that we just love makeup. hope to see you stick around!


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