Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mom's Choice Mini Haul

Ah, yes I do know its not Christmas anymore but you'll need to take up your issues with my mom on that because she recently dropped off a bag of goodies in this festive bag. She had some items to give me that she had extras of, special purchases for me and some stuff  she didn't want from subscription bags so she thought it would be awesome to hand them over to me to try them out. Thanks mom! 

I wasn't expecting the tea but I seriously have a love obsession with cinnamon and have been drinking this  everyday since she gave it to me. Also, my crazy cat lady is showing because she got me a reflective breakaway collar for her from the dollar store. I was unable to find any reflective ones the last time but always leave it to mom to find the one thing you were looking  for. 

Argh! Look at me booty in ye ol' ipsy bag! Argh!!!! 
Okay, I stop. But seriously, I got some good stuff. 

I am forever looking for a good eye cream and even though I found my HG for taking care of my fine lines under my eyes (that will be in another post) I am always down to see what else is out there. Both my mom and I are advocates of starting your anti aging regimen early so this is perfect. 

I am super excited to give these a whirl, as it claims to clear blackheads and acne. Right now would be the perfect time for testing because I have some serious hormonal induced acne all over my chin and left cheek. Its really horrible and I now remember what being 13 feels like all over again. I pray to the zit gods that I do not get a honker on the tip of my nose though. That is the one thing I do not want o deal with at the moment. Ain't nobody got time fo' that!

I love, love, love hair masks especially since I do color my hair and don't go get my hair cut as often as I should. All I really ask for is some smooth swigging hair until I can get to my hairdresser and my favorite way to do that is with some deep conditioning treatments. 

My mom kept bugging me and bugging me to try the Glam Glow mask and do a comparison on it to the Boots Clay Mask I love to death an d see if its a dupe or not. I can't wait to see if my cheapie mask holds up against this.  

I was super jealous my mom got this in her Ipsy bag and I didn't. I really love trying out new blushes and after trying a matte blush for the first time I had to get my hands on another. This bright melon color will be perfect for a nice fresh spring flush. Now to wait for some spring-like weather....

I am super grateful and happy that my mom has been encouraging me in my blogging efforts and I am glad I didn't keep it secret from her for too long. She even gives me some good ideas and tips and tricks for skincare that she has learned through the years. She will always be my life and beauty inspiration.


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