Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily Necessities foaming bubble bath

I think I really may have reverted back to being 5 years old. For real. Well, maybe not for real but whatever. I have been totally obsessed with bubble baths. I just got over the flu about a week ago and what really helped me get through the sweaty fevers and cold flashes were bubble baths. It just really brought me back to being a kid, the only thing that I was missing were the bath toys. 

So now that I'm down to my last bottle I hopped on over to Big Lots to find some inexpensive bubble bath for my addiction. These two were $2.80 each and fit the bill for being cheap. These two were the best smelling of the bunch as well. I would say the jasmine is floral without being too "girly" and overpowering. The cucumber melon is surprisingly sweet smelling and I would say more melon forward. My nose only detected faint whispers of cucumber. 

As for the actual bubbly action, I was a bit dissapointed but then again when your expectations entail bubbles overflowing instantly when dumped in the tub you will always be pretty dissapointed. You do get more bubbles when you swish your arms around in the water so I splashed around like a beached fish on the shore to help generate extra bubbles. 

On another note, I'd say the water felt very soft from all the soapy action going on. I'm not used to my baths feeling that way at all. It just felt like soap was everywhere. I'm not sure if that's normal because none of my other bubble baths have made the water feel like that before. I'm not sure if I like that feeling yet or not. 

So here are my pros: 
Smells good 
Decent amount of bubbles 
The soft feeling of the water

Here are some cons: 
I used 1/4 of the bottle 
The amount of bubbles didn't live up to my fantasy 
Contains parabens 
The slippery feeling of the water 

So I know I don't like this %100 but I do like it. The pros outweigh the cons but I just can't get over that slippery feeling in the tub. 

What are some of your favorite budget bubble baths out there? I need some suggestions because as much as I like testing out cheapie products I prefer to try something a bit more tried and true. So let me know which ones are your favs because as you can see I need some help! 


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