Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Beauty Find - Peripera My Color Lips

For some reason or another I really love finding these random stores that carry asain beauty brands. In fact my favorite moisturizer of all time came from a little store I stumbled upon in Little Tokyo. They will have some really good products at many different price points that are pretty unique in packaging and content. So when I stumbled upon a store with the front piled with asain brand cleansers and makeup at the mall I darted right in. 

I originally went to cleansers and toners and worked my way to the makeup section. Eventually I stumbled upon the Peripera brand because all the packaging was just so cute. Then these lipsticks really jumped out at me. It was just pink galore. I normally don't swoon over such girly packaging but for some reason these spoke to me. 

As you can see from the characters it's a Korean brand but I haven't been able to dig up much info on it at all. Just  a couple online sellers that didn't look too legit.  Bummer. I'll keep looking and digging though. 

So I can't read most of what's on the package but I can appreciate the pink metallic box in all it's sturdy glory.

I sent my bf a picture of my beauty find and he said it looked more like a feminine care product. I can see it now that he mentioned it. But I'll ignore that remark until some more people ask if it's a tampon or not. Ignorance is bliss I tell you. 

The bottom of the lipstick has the brand name printed on a cookie shaped pedestal. I just like how the branding isn't all over the place because I don't like feeling like I'm a walking billboard. 

This color rose pink is just lovely and even has a faint scent of roses to it. I like that it doesn't smell too strongly of roses only because I find it can feel like a "grandma" scent. 

I have other lipsticks this color and would say this is my go to color when trying out new brands. I feel picking something that at least looks flattering will make me like it a bit more. 

But what really got me to like this was that it's not super in your face glossy. Out of all the colors I swatched my eye kept being drawn to this shade no matter what. It just had that special quality that attracts me to lipsticks. I can't describe the feeling. Maybe it's a feeling of love at first sight but on a much smaller scale? When you know, you know. 

At $17 plus tax the price stung a little but then again I've bought some Mac lipsticks before so I shouldn't whine too much. Plus I haven't splurged on lipstick in awhile. I would say the staying power was nice for something not advertised as long lasting. It faded pretty evenly within a few hours and I don't even use a lip liner and apply straight from the tube as well. Most of my drugstore lipsticks don't even last that long on me so I feel my splurge was justified. 

I think the best points of this lipstick are: 
-the texture 
-staying power
-lightly scented 
-color looks  very "natural lip color but better" on me 
-feels very girly

The bad points is have to list are: 
-it's a little pricy 
-the tube is bulky
-the range features mostly pink colors, I'd personally like to see something plummy looking as an option
-not available everywhere and access to it seems very hard. 

Overall I really do love this lipstick and I'd repurchase this color in a heartbeat. I'm just super thankful I live in an area full of transplants from all parts of Asia so little stores can feature these beauty items here in the U.S. without me having to make a questionable online order. Overall I think the pink everything is just awesome for Valentines Day tomorrow and you can be sure I'll be wearing it all day. What do you think of this color? Does the case remind you of a tampon or is my BF being a jerk? 



  1. That colour is stunning and the packaging is gorgeous! :D
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    1. Thanks for reading! It's really my new favorite pink lipstick and I'm just getting more and more obsessed everyday.


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