Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thank you to my readers- My First Sweepstakes!

Does this box look familiar? it should because it was the Glossybox Dallas Shaw collaboration box from last year. I decided that I have waaaaaayyyyyy too many Glossyboxes laying around the house and there is absolutely no point in keeping two of these boxes (I was mistakenly sent 2 boxes that month) to myself. But what's the point in giving away a box without something in it? So I have gathered together some goodies to give away, some items purchased double by mistake because sometimes when you have too much makeup you forget and some duplicates from subscription boxes and some bought myself. I may buy some more stuff to fill out the box a bit more and to add to the excitement of my very first sweepstakes. 

As you can see there is plenty of space left inside the goodie box. 

The first item I have to show you all is a raspberry peony hand cream from Target. it smells more of peony than raspberry and is super moisturizing. ($1.50 value) 

Next on the list is the Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep conditioning mask in a sample size. Always great to have a small conditioner for on the go. A great size to throw on your gym bag or to travel with. the sample size is 1 ounce and comes to 2.75 worth of product.

I have the same exact one and was given in a sub box as a duplicate so I am giving this one away. It is full size and retails for $9. its very moisturizing and adds a nice pink tint to the lips. 

I absolutely have too much nail polish that I don't even wear. On top of that these both are duplicates and have been in my giveaway stash for a bit now. It's doing me no good collecting dust so hopefully these can find a nice home with the winner. (OPI is full size and retails for 6.95 online and the Nails Inc. in Baker Street mini size can be found online for 2.99) 

It's not funny how many facial wipes I have. not only do I buy large 100 wipe packs in bulk I also get them in my subscription boxes as well. I know they are something I use frequently but thought these were nice and too good not to share. (10 pack for $1.99) 

I also have a full size of the Mica Beauty Cosmetics eyeshadow in bronze. I really love bronze shadows and can be dressed up or down for the occasion. (full sized and retails for $14.95)

These are real beauties, aren't they? I cannot find the exact same pair online but you can find them in another color here at this website if you like. They retail for 6.99 which is a steal, right? The pictures really don't do them much justice. 

 UPDATED 2/20/2014

I have now just added this Boots Extracts Body Scrub to the mix. if you'd like to see the review for it you can click here. This is a gentle moisturizing scrub perfect for daily use. Just don't try eating it like I did because it smells so good. I still will be adding more items in the gift box so return back if you'd like to see what else I have in store. 

UPDATED 02/26/2014

I have added these 3 items to the box of goodies up for grabs with the swatches of the blush/bronzer and my thought on the brushes at this post here. 

So there you go! That is what I have accumulated for my box of goodies and should be adding a few more items to really get this box filled. So far this box retails for about $57 worth of goodies. This sweepstakes is to thank all my lovely readers and to test out how to run a sweepstakes on my own. I do want to run a few more on here in the future with some even better prizes. Hopefully not only you gain some awesome swag but I gain some experience as well. Win win situation if you ask me! 

Don't forget to tell your friends!

The sweepstakes is open to everyone in the U.S. 18 and older (sorry international readers). The winner will be selected randomly by a drawing. Entries will be accepted starting February 12, 2014 and will end midnight pacific time on March 01, 2014. Entries entered by people by multiple accounts will be disqualified and so will entries entered through accounts solely used for entering contests, sweepstakes and giveaways.  I will check all entries before doing the drawing and winner will be notified via email and also announced here on this blog post. I will announce the winner at least by Sunday March 2, 2014. The winner will have 4 days to respond back before a new winner is selected. 

Good luck! 
XOX Veritypretty

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  1. 'Im in.' Love this! It's so great to give back to readers <3

  2. I'm in!

    Love this giveaway, so nice of you! Can't wait to browse through the rest of your blog!

  3. Super cute and I don't sub this box so it would be a great preview for me. Thanks!

  4. I'm in! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway.


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