Tuesday, February 4, 2014

L'Oreal Power Moisture Moisture Rush Mask Review

My hair has been in an awful state of dryness and split ends. I'm getting sick of it but I'm too broke to get a decent haircut at the moment. So I'm trying to get it at least super hydrated again but I know I'm just going to eventually cut it off because that's the only way to get my hair back to a decent state. 

My go to Tresseme Platinum Strength has not been working on my hair anymore and it desperately needed a switch up and this L'oreal Power Moisture hair mask looked like it could work out for me. 

The formula smells very nice and isn't too perfumey. To me it just smells very clean. The jar is a bit of a turn off because I can just see myself dropping it and spilling it all then slipping from the goo and hitting my head. I'm a walking freak accident waiting to happen. The white part of the top is also just glued on for decorative purposes so I can totally see that just coming off then going into the trash in thd future. 

The goo is pretty runny for a deep conditioner or any conditioner for that matter. The directions said to apply to freshly washed hair and leave on for a couple minutes. I said screw it and applied to dry hair I washed earlier that day then threw on my jiffy pop thermal hair cap and sat on the couch watching my stories. About 20-30 minutes later I hoped in the shower and rinsed. As I rinsed it out I felt my hair was already super soft and smooth. It just felt like a nice curtain of smooth hair. 

As it dried I felt the roots got pretty greasy but my ends were super moisturized and silky soft. I now see why I should have followed directions and just washed then conditioned it instead if just conditioning it because my scalp is pretty oily as is without accidentally gloving on conditioner on it. Oh well! Totally my fault. I ended up washing my hair the following day and it felt like I did need a bit less conditioner than I usually use to keep my hair from getting tangly. 

So overall thumbs down for the tub packaging and cheap cap with glued on decals but the way it made my hair shine and made it feel moisturized. 

Have any of you tried using this with any luck? Anyone have no luck with it? Let me know what you think about this! 



  1. Hey! Have you tried Aussie's Moist 3-Minute Miracle? It's supposed to be really good for moisturizing dry hair, but definitely only concentrate it on your ends. I am also in need of a haircut haha, and my scalp easily gets oily. I've been using Klorane Leave-in Spray with Citrus Pulp. It leaves my hair very soft without weighing my hair down. Definitely recommend!


    1. I tried that Aussie 3 minute one a long time ago but don't really remember if it was any good. I do like the squeeze tube for it though. Always so tempted to get it again. Since I started washing my hair every 2-3 days I don't get too greasy anymore. Probably because I'm not stripping my scalp from moisture as much. All I have to do is spray dry shampoo in the front and on my bangs and I'm good.

      So glad I got the haircut, my hair was getting a rats nest underneath near my neck. I didn't go as short as I thought I would but it's cool. Never heard of that spray but I'll look it up. I love trying new hair products!

      Thanks for the comment!


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