Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Boots Extracts Body Butter Review

I have some more Boots Extracts brand products but this time its the body butters that are the star of this post. I tried the body scrub and reviewed it here in this post if you want to take a peek. What drove me to buy these is that I was carving more variety in my body butter department and didn't feel like splurging on The Body Shop ones even though I really do adore those. These body butters are mini sized and were about $3-$4 at Target. They do carry full size for $10 but much preferred to sample them before committing.  I fell in love with these at first sniff and decided to take home both the Brazil nut and almond scented ones. It smells as heavenly as the big brand version but had to wait till I take them home and see how they performed. 

I already do have a favorite out of the two scents and have fallen in love with the Brazil nut and I just find myself reaching for it more often than not. Just something about how buttery and nutty it smells just reels me in. The almond scent is an old familiar scent and has always reminded me of when we lived in Las Vegas when we were younger. Going to the casinos they always seemed to have the cherry almond scented hand soap in the bathroom and has always been my favorite. It reminds me of being a kid, eating buffet and watching the craptacular water/laser/animatronic wolf show at Sam's Town while eating a big scoop of coffee ice cream. 

As for the texture it's thick but not greasy at all but I wouldn't say its as thick as The Body Shop's body butter. I find I do have to use more product to get moisturized but I don't know if that's from me being so dry from the weather. My legs have been so dry and ashy you'd think I was kick knack on grandma's shelf. 

Overall I really do like these body butters and are perfect for anyone on a budget or is travelling. I like bringing drugstore brands with me in case I loose it or it gets destroyed somehow in transit to my destination. It's also great for a product to have on hand in your purse. I think I will hoard these containers once I deplete them and try my hand at making my own body butters for fun. 

So here's the breakdown

Pros: Budget friendly, comes in full size and travel size, moisturizing, not oily

Cons: Could be more moisturizing for dry winter skin. 

Have any of you tried these body butters and liked or disliked them? Are you slowly becoming a Boots brand fan like me? Know of any great tried and tested DIY body butter tutorials? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 


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