Monday, February 3, 2014

Ipsy glam bag January 2014

I skipped out on last month's ipsy bag but I missed it so much I had to get the bag for this month. I kind of wish I didn't though. Right out of the bag this shipped in it smelled like chemicals or cheap dollar store toys or pool toys. It took awhile to air out the smell but you can still smell it faintly. 

Then I saw the dreaded foil packets...way  too many of the foil packets. 

And the foil packets are going in the trash. Mark fading pads from proactive?!! No thanks, I'd rather put acid on my face and burn all my flesh off than use proactive products. 

Things started looking up because I really needed some hair mask in my life at the moment. My hair has been so dry and I've been cutting my split ends at my desk at work it's so bothersome. I've even started to get a rats nest like tangle on my second and third day hair, that's how dry and damaged my hair is. But I think I just need to cut off 2 inches from my hair, I honestly don't have patience to wait for my hair to go through rehab. 

The texture of the product looks nice and thick and looks promising. The one ounce package might be good for about 2 or 3 uses. I will update you all and let you know how it works out. 

I have never ever heard of the brand Malin+Goetz in my life before but was excited because somebody out there knows I love mojitos. They must know, right? 

I'm always in when it comes to trying out new lip balms but after opening this I was turned off a little. I don't know why but the clear formula just made me cringe. It reminded me of a rash gel or something for hemerroids. Definitly not very cosmetic like. There was only a faint hint of mint on the lips and I couldn't tell where the lime was. Definitly a mojito made from a mix and not made fresh. If it was a drink, I would have sent it back. The texture was a bit thick and sticky so I think this is just a miss all around. 

This is the saddest encounter I had in the bag. I love sugar scrubs and absolutely couldn't wait to try it out. 

But then I noticed that it was a bit dry looking for a scrub and when I opened it I discovered that the safety seal was opened halfway. So it looks like I'll have to contact customer service because I'm not going to use opened products. 

My mom got her bag sooner than me and she said she didn't like this pencil because it disintegrated when she swatched it. 

The packaging was so thick you would think the pencil would be a substantial size but nope! It's the same size as an eyeliner pencil. The pencil is pretty small and I would dub this a nub. 

The color is a very wearable copper color and has potential to be a good base for a bronzed goddess eye look for summer or layering under a black eyeliner. 

The color isn't too bold once swatched and I feel it took a lot of layers to get enough pigment on my skin. I'll give it a try on my lids once and see if I like it more used in my makeup routine. 

So overall I was pretty dissapointed in my bag. I refuse to use the pads, I can't use the unhygienically opened scrub, the lip gel is sticky, the eyeliner is just meh and I am only excited to use the hair mask. But at least this has been the one and only dislike of my overall bag since I started subscribing almost a year ago. Hopefully next month won't be such a sad story. 

Did you get the January Ipsy bag? Was yours as dissapointing or better? Hopefully yours was a lot better than mine because this one just made me shake my head in dissapointment. 

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