Monday, January 13, 2014

Front Desk Essentials #2 - Tazo Refresh

There are always times we are at work and just start feeling under the weather or maybe need a bit of a pick me up but without any added caffeine. My go to is to brew myself a cup of mint tea. The mint is soothing to an upset stomach and can help if you happen to feel nautious. I also brew a cup for a nice all natural headache soother. It is also awesome to have for when you have congestion and a stuffy nose because it really helps open up your sinuses.  It doesn't cure any these problems but it sure makes them easier to handle. 

There is also a nice peppy feeling I get from drinking a cup of mint tea and is a good caffeine free way for me to zip through that very last hour of the day because no matter how much I love my cups if caffeine, I do need a break from it sometimes. 

You can buy any brand you wish but I really like the Tazo brand because it contains a little bit of tarragon in the mix so it adds a bit of interest to your cuppa tea. 

So what's your favorite tea to drink at work? Are there any herbal blends you reccomend for an all natural pick me up? 


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