Friday, June 20, 2014

May 2014 Glossybox Review

I was super freaking excited to hear that Glossybox was doing a collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman for the month of May.  I was most excited because of all the skincare goodies that were possibilities in the box. We would all also receive a gift card for $25 to use at Bergdorf Goodman online or in stores. I just so happened to have enough glossydots to redeem for a free box this month so it was just all free, free, FREE!!! I earned it after sticking with them for a year and just reviewing the items on the site. Took long enough! Sheesh! 

But I really regret not buying a gift box for myself on top of my usual box because I got some really good stuff. I wouldn't have minded getting two of everything plus I believe the gift card was stack able. Oh well, I still am glad I got a good deal anyways. I liked the box and was happy with all the purple as it is my favorite color. I used the giftcard online on the very last day before it expired on Dior Show Mascara and shipping was free plus I wasn't charged tax. All I had to do was enter my card number and they sent it to me super fast. I was super happy I found something I wanted for the exact amount on the card. I will be reviewing the Dior Show later because it has been years since I have used but I remember liking it. I sure hope my opinion hasn't changed about it. 

I got everything I wanted in my box. I really wanted more skincare items and the ones offered this month were mostly serums and I got a face cream. I had also gotten the Hair CC cream, a primer and hand cream and a hand cream. I was a little disapointed that the hand cream was so small but it smelled like heaven and I have yet to touch the hair cc cream or the primer. All I really want to talk about for now are the top 3 items I am excited for in my box. 

I think this face serum was the most exciting thing I got in the box. So far I have barely discovered serums so trying a new one and comparing it to my other one should be fun. This is a brand I have not heard of before but am willing to try anything to help preserve my skin. This so happens to be the lifting serum with pure gold and plant stem cells that is supposed to keep skin moisturized. 

I know that some people say that your really don't need anything special for undereyes and some people say you do. I feel that maybe you don't but it really wont stop me from trying a product that is aimed to be for eyes only. I really don't have many lines around my eyes but I do feel that isn't an excuse not to take care of the skin around there. I see it as me being proactive and taking care of something before it happens to get in the habit of doing it. If in the process my skin looks good then I'm good with that. I would just rather have a good habit now than to try and develop it when I really need to. So I will see if this works on my fine baby lines and if it does I will report back to you. 

I have seemed to get this brand Sulwhasoo confused with The History of Whoo which is an amazing brand (which is also on the pricey side) but The History of Whoo works like nothing else I have ever used. I am hoping to see something awesome to come from using this because I really have faith in my Korean face care products. I will probably be using this after my serum and face oil but before my sunscreen. The texture is very heavy so if it doesn't work out with my normal everyday routine I will probably switch to using it at night. 

So there you have it! I think this is one of the better boxes I have received because there is NO mascara or nail polish. I seriously need a break from those two items. Is it possible to send a note to them all stating I am going on hiatus and no longer accepting mascara and nail polish? Says the person who bought a mascara with her gift card....Until next time lovelies!


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