Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nair Clay Hair Remover Review

When I first started shaving my mom made me use this horrible loud electric shaver from the 1960's or 70's because she was so afraid of me cutting myself. I was desperate to ditch the huge clunky machine so I thought it would be a good idea to start using Nair. The smell was horrible but somehow I thought I won the war against my mom and her pleads to leave my armpit and leg hair alone. Flash forward to now, I have switched to razors but now I wish I listened to mom and never started shaving at all. Well, not really. But it is such a pain to keep up with it and and getting my knees shaved is the biggest struggle ever. 

I spotted this spa clay at Big Lots and decided that maybe, just maybe that the formula and scent has gotten better. Though I have never seen so many steps for a depilatory in my life. I felt while applying the cream on my skin the pink spatula was pretty dang useless. 

I do like that it comes with a sponge to dip in the jar and spread it on your legs but then you have to rinse it off and you still get some of the product on your hands and it still stinks but thankfully not as much as it used to back when I first started using it. 

The texture of the cream was very thick and stayed on my legs without slipping. It did feel a little bit tingly as I left it on my skin but I used to get that feeling with the creams before. 

These two added steps were some wipes to prep the skin and a moisturizer to apply after you get out of the shower. I let the moisturizer wasn't very effective and that just using a little aloe gel or an unscented lotion would be good enough. As for the wipes, you only get two. Two. I don't know what they were thinking but there are way more than 2 applications in that jar. the wipes were a bit on the oily side so I think it was to moisturize and soften the hair before application. I think a little dry oil on the skin would be good enough as a substitute. 

So it got most of the hair off my skin but there were patches where my fur was like "Uh uh! I'm staying right here bro!" and it took some extra effort to rub it off or I had to resort to shaving a tiny place I missed. But I miss places when I shave all the time anyways so that is no big deal. What I don't like is how fast it still grew back. I remember it not growing back as fast before maybe taking 2 days to grow back in but I had dark stubble with this the next day. what was the point of taking longer than shaving and all these steps if it was just going to grow in dark polka dots the next day? 

What I did notice was that all of the hair around my knee was gone and stayed gone for a pretty long time. I am super afraid to nick myself while shaving and I always have peach fuzz around my knee. I would definitely switch to just using any depilatory around my knee then shaving the rest off. To me the extra time would be worth it to not have hairy yeti knees. 

Overall this whole thing reminded me of how much I hated the smell of this stuff but then opened my eyes to just using it on my knees exclusively to just make my life easier. Would I ever repurchase this again? Not this formula, maybe one of the original ones but not this. I don't think it is very effective at taking off all the stubborn hair on my legs and my hair isn't even that thick. 


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