Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photoshop elements 12 - Le Blog is Under Construction

I bet if you're a regular here you're thinking "Where the hell am I?!! What happened to the layout?!!" 
Good and bad news folks. 
Good news, my blog is getting an overhaul. 
Bad news, the overhaul is being done by me. 

It has seriously been several years since I have used any type of photoshop and I have zilch experience with HTML. What I have done with my blog is by jogged memories, google, and YouTube. I am relying on my reading comprehension skills and dumb luck to squeak by. Sure I could find someone else to do it for me or just copy and paste from random places on the internet but c'mon, where's the fun in that?
 I've always been somewhat of a DIY type of gal and this is just another extension of that. 

Oh and I really know the people who are familiar with customizing blogger layouts are probably cringing that I am not using my test blog (I have one) to test it all out before torturing you all here on the real thing but I screwed up hard. 

I ended up deleting the HTML from the old layout, pasted the test blog layout saved it but didn't like it then went to revert changes and *POOF* nothing happened because I saved instead of previewed like the noob I am. On top of that it was almost 1am and my eyes would not stay awake so I salvaged what I could and went to bed. So lesson learned. Save the old HTML somewhere, copy paste new one, preview and if I don't like it I can revert or paste what was there before back where it belongs. 

But really, I don't feel so bad about what I've done so far. It's okay for someone with not a lot of computer/web or photoshop skills. I'm also only using elements as it was the most affordable out of all of them and I kind of don't need to spend tons of money on something I need to refamiliarize myself with. Plus it was on sale and the gift card it got for Christmas would completely cover the cost. 

And let me know what you think about the layout, good and bad comments are welcome. You can never really learn without some constructive criticism. 

I am also sorry for my nerdy web ramblings but I thought an explanation would be nice. 


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