Monday, June 9, 2014

Mac Peach Blossom - Review and Swatches

Ah..the joys of buying a new lipstick. I really don't buy Mac all the time and honestly have never even been matched to any of their colors. But one thing I do love from them is the lipsticks. They just last so long and look beautiful to boot. I have been on a mission to find more suitable nude toned lipsticks as I already have my weights worth in mauve and red colors. I had this crazy thing where I tried on nude/pink lipsticks and just thought they made me look dead and lifeless until I got an Em lipstick in Cabana Beige and I tried it on and for once it worked on me. I was just trying the wrong shades of nudes, I needed something a little bit more on the pinky-sheer side than straight up opaque beige. 

Usually I don't get helped out right away when I go to Mac but for once the clouds opened up and someone made a beeline towards me to help me. There's a first for everything. But I do notice that I get better treatment at the Mac counters in Nordstrom than Macy's or the stand alone stores. My first trip to Mac was me standing around and everyone else being helped and all I wanted was black eyeliner. I left and bought different eyeliner in Sephora instead. So seeing as my luck had changed I decided to ask for some recommendations for what I was looking for. She really listened and pulled 3 out for me to test and made it really hard to pick only one. I ended up with the Creamsheen Peach Blossom and I really had to stop myself from using it before taking blog pictures. The struggle is real. 

For myself I would file the color under a nude rather than a pink. Nude colors for me personally isn't about just beige or browns or completely hiding my lips, its about having the illusion that you're not wearing any lip product. While it looks more pink as a swatch, on my lips it just looks like I was born with a pretty pout.

The color is pretty long lasting for a shimmery lip product and usually they slip off of me. That's why I tend to lean more towards matte colors but this really impressed me. It lasted me two rounds of beers before I had to reapply so I can see this tube lasting me a good while. It was also very moisturizing which I can always appreciate. I am someone who absolutely can never wear a frost color and was a bit worried the shimmer would make me look blah but nope, didn't happen. Overall I really love everything about this lipstick. I will no longer just stick to mattes and shimmerless cream colors. 

But you know, I am always going to be looking for more nudes. I mean, how can you only have just one of any color? Is it possible? I don't think so. I don't think I would even want to live in a world where it's possible. Keeping your options open is the spice of life. 


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    1. Yes, I love this nude. :) Nice blog, thanks for stopping by!


  2. I love this colour. It is a great workday lipstick


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