Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jewelmint May 2014 box

I have been wanting to try a jewelry subscription box for a long time now and now that I have kind of given up on Julep I decided to swap it out for a Jewel Mint VIP box instead. By stalking people on Instagram and reading a few blogs I decided on this one because the jewelry didn't look too cheap and usually wasn't too flashy looking. I actually thought I was purchasing a collaboration box but then soon realized that it was the regular old VIP box. I was okay with that as it still was a mystery to me as to what I would be getting. It was also the same price of 29.99 for 3 pieces. It came pretty quick as I think it ships from somewhere in LA and I live close by. I can easlity say this is up there in the pretty packaging rank with the sturdy black box and blue ribbon. 

When I opened it I honestly thought to myself "Oh gawd, not dingle dangle earrings!" I have absolutely no earlobes and most hanging earring hurt me or make my ears itch like nothing else. I think they're allergic to fabulous. I just can't stand how they usually make my ears feel like they're dragging but they look so dang pretty. I'm cursed I tell you. As for the rest of the items, I didn't notice them because I was too busy dreading trying to figure out what to do with the earrings. 

Crescent Falls Earrings 

They are pretty cute though, I felt so bad that I actually tried them on and figured I could pass them onto my sister or something if they really did bother me too much. But they actually didn't. My ears didn't feel itchy, they were lightweight and felt like I was just wearing regular ol' studs. I ended up wearing them all day at Genbeauty on Saturday with a black cowl neck romper and sandals for a more casual cool vibe. Another complaint I usually have about dangle earrings is that they get caught in my hair and these ones didn't.
Robin 1 - Box 0 

Rayonnant Pendant 

The necklace upon further inspection is pretty cute and all but I really wish that the chain was thinner. I like a thicker chain usually because they are harder for me to ruin but this one calls for something more delicate. I feel that the chain being too large distracts from the actual gems and sparkle. I have yet to find a good outfit to wear it with but will most likely pair it with a simple V neck tshirt maybe in white or grey to lend a more hippie vibe to my look. I am not a hippie dippie person but have been leaning more towards the style lately. 
Robin 1 - Box 1

Helena Bracelet

Ugh, the more I look at this bracelet the more I dislike it. I sit all dang day at a desk typing and trolling and wearing this to work would just be a waste because I would end up taking it off so I don't cut off my circulation. I don't really wear bracelets or bangles to begin with and probably would have preferred that I got something not so stiff. On top of that I hate how it fits. It just feels so tight and stiff and doesn't move up or down my wrist. No movement. Nadda. A little bit more wiggle room would have been nice. But yes, this one might definitely go to my sister if I do not warm up to it. 
Robin 1 - Box 2

Do I feel they captured the Midsummer's Night Dream inspiration that they were going for? I guess they did with the earrings, not so much the other two. I would have rather received a necklace with a donkey head on it because the one included looks more like a sand dollar or a funky daisy to me.  Please someone make one because I would wear it. but I guess they were trying for something along the lines of romantic more than literal inspo. I would have preferred something along the lines of magical with fairy looking elements than a "romantic" feel. Or maybe I am being too nit picky. All I know is that my first impressions after opening it were blown away and ended up liking the one thing I thought I would hate the most. 

For $30 I don't think I would do this every month. Maybe every once in awhile or if there is another collab where I feel like it might be worth it. I do like how it makes me think more out of the box for my outfits as I really don't purchase much jewelry because I end up just buying the same style over and over. The quality of the items are pretty good except for the bracelet where I thought the plastic "gems" just made it look cheap. Maybe if it was a better quality plastic I would deem it okay but everything seems very sturdy anyways. If I get anymore of the boxes I will let you all know what I think but I might try a different jewelry sub box before I do. 


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