Friday, June 13, 2014

Bare Minerals Bareskin Serum First Impression

When I heard Bare Minerals was coming out with a liquid foundation I got super excited. I am a Bare Mineral Foundation groupie, I seriously love it and the mineral veil but sometimes it can feel weird wearing a powder foundation during the day in the summer. I almost caved and bought it when it first came out but i held out for a prayer and my prayers were answered. I had bought a ticket to GenBeauty and Bare Minerals was going to be there again. Last year they did the whole shade matching and then gave you a full size of the powder foundation and a brush and it happened again this year. They matched you and then sent you on the way with a full size bottle and a brush. 

I got mine the second day by sheer dumb luck and by being in the right place at the right time. my plan earlier that day was to come 30 minutes early and get in line fast. I did get in pretty fast but then some really rude security people cut off the line right in front of me. Now I had gotten up early and rushed for no reason. I gave up because I had no luck getting my foundation last year. Why would this year be any different? Then during happy hour they got rid of the line and I had finished getting my last goodie bag at the vendor next to Bare Minerals and low and behold a line barely started forming! I quickly made my way over and got in line and a few people got inline after me before they closed it again. It was happening this year and I was super freaking excited beyond belief. 

When I finally got to see someone to match me She took a quick look at my skin then applied the shade Bare Natural 07 and it looked like a pretty darn good match. In the powder foundation I am a N20 and I never really need to switch shades for summer, I just dust a little bit of bronzer lightly over my face if I need to. I never tan but I tan easily but I am in an office setting for 8+ hours a day so the likelihood of that happen is slim to none. 
The Girl recommended to shake the product very well before applying, when I open the box it says to shake well and on the bottle and the back of the box it says to shale well. I shake very well because I am super paranoid about not following that direction. When you do shake yo hear the clicking kind of spray can sound which means that this stuff must really settle and separate inside the bottle if they need a blender on the inside. I believe that's why some reviews of this say that it can feel gritty when applied. I didn't feel any grittiness myself and I shook it like a Polaroid picture. 

The top dropper is pretty small and lets out just enough of a drop at a time. The foundation is very watery and I had to keep my hand flat when trying to warm it up a little. I then used my beauty blender to apply on my skin which probably isn't the best way to apply it. But I refuse to buy a brush when I know I will probably end up switching to something different like I did with the powder version. No need to waste my money on that! plus I never have used any sort of brush when applying any of the foundations I own. If you really insist that it is the best way to apply then let me know until then I will be figuring out the best way for me to apply it. But I will say I started out using the powder version of the foundation and used the brush that came with it and liked it but loved the foundation more when I switched to the Ecotools retractable kabuki brush. I just have this feeling that I am going to buy it then discover I like using something different down the line and never using it again like the last one. 

As you can see I have some acne scarring but nothing major. Most of it is disappearing from using a skin care regimen. I do have some very slight redness around my nose but nothing major and I got plenty of sleep so Not mush under eye darkness here. My problems really only need a nice even coat of foundation and some spot treatments where needed. 

I feel in pictures it looks like it covers everything but in real life I can see the marks still. It took forever to try and learn to cover it all and eventually I gave up. Medium coverage is better than nothing but I like something that is a bit easier to build up where I need to. Applying with my fingers then bouncing the Beauty Blender kept it looking a bit natural. 

Yes you can't see my whole face here but I think my hair looked pretty awesome for once and I did absolutely nothing to get it to look like this. LOL  I would say the foundation does look pretty natural but now looking at it I think it might be a little too light for me. Or maybe I am a little paranoid. I don't think it's anything too drastic though and can and will be solved by a light dusting of bronzer and I normally do a little bit of light contouring around my jawline anyways. I ended up having to use 6 drops to get medium coverage with my Beauty Blender which to me feels like a lot. It says that 6 will get you full coverage but that's if you use the brush. 

With flash I think it looks a little white but that's my own personal opinion of it. it does look really pretty but you can definitely see the large acne scar on the left cheek. I think it is something I could live with given what my skin used to look like growing up as a teenager. The formula is supposed to be scentless but I do detect a hint of a powdery smell to it. But the smell isn't like a baby powder smell, it's more like a face powder smell and I didn't even apply any setting powder to my face. 

As for performance, I was lounging around all afternoon and evening and by the time 10pm rolled around I took a look in the mirror and discovered it clung to dry patches on my skin and I find it strange because I moisturize the heck out of my skin. The color was even and didn't really budge except for where I rub my nose. I also saw these little white strand looking things on the bottom of my chin almost like it drew out the stuff from my skin which was gross. I don't know what happened because when it happened I did use a face scrub that day so my skin was super smooth. I have never seen that happen with any of my foundations. The color looked great and didn't turn any sort of orange or pink on me or get darker which is a plus in my book. 

Overall I do like how light the foundation feels and how long it lasts and I like how there are so many colors in the range for everyone to choose from. As for how I like it for my skin, I don't know. I have some pretty mixed feeling for it since I was really hoping I could use this instead of my HG BM powder foundation during the summer. I feel it just takes too much work to get it looking how you want it and isn't practical for me since I do not like to spend too much time on my base. Plus that funky white stuff on my chin wasn't too attractive. But I will say that when I wore it the first time I didn't see it happen. I hope its a one time thing. 

Other makeup I have on in this post:
Pixi mascara in black
NARS blush in Orgasam
Limecrime lipstick in Centrifushia

So there you have it! I will keep using this and hopefully I like it more and it grows on me but as of now I don't think I would buy it for myself when I do run out. Thank goodness I got it as a goodie when I went to GenBeauty. 


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