Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My three day holiday weekend

This weekend was a nice long and relaxing one and I have been needing one for quite awhile. The boy friend and I got some breakfast early morning Saturday at Gus's BBQ in South Pasadena for some magical tasting chicken and waffles. I swear I love this fried chicken more than any other fried chicken in the area. It is never too greasy and has the best crispy batter outside and they also have this homemade vinegar hot sauce that goes so well on the chicken that adds the right amount of spice. 

Then got in some shopping and splurged on the brand new urban Decay lipstick and got a couple of other things from Ulta that I have been wanting to try. I even found a new dress at Ross for only $12 in a bright blue cobalt WITH pockets! I have already worn it out recently and in love. 

 Then the boyfriend and I went to the home improvement store and I saw these foxtail ferns that would be perfect for his front patio area that gets no sun but insists on finding flowers that grow in the shade. Maybe I'll convince him to give for these because they look like a beautiful green forest and I think its perfectly fine to not have flowers everywhere. I will plant my inception seeds and hopefully come out ahead with some awesome looking shrubbery. 

 Then I headed over to the herb section and added this purple basil to my herb garden wish list. 

 We already have sweet mint growing wild in the back patio area but this seems a bit more exotic than regular old mint. Maybe this could do well in a small indoor container to keep it from spreading all over the place. 

 Last on my list is this hot spicy oregano which would be perfect for making spicy Italian red sauce or even for soups. I would enjoy drying the sprigs myself and keeping them for later.

I have absolutely no pictures from Sunday as I was in the pool all day and I have made a huge accomplishment. I have always been deathly afraid of pools and the deep end but for the past several years I have been making myself get more comfortable and even learned how to swim with my head above water in the shallow end. This Sunday I have finally swam in the deep end which happened to be about 10 feet deep (I'm only 5'3") but still had to stay close to the edge of the pool in case I got afraid last minute. I am really proud of myself and hopefully I will get over the fear completely. 

 Then Monday morning we went to try a new coffee shop that opened up in Old Town Pasadena. I got a cappuccino and the boyfriend got a latte and we shared a blackberry thyme muffin and a pistachio kumquat croissant.

Afterwards we headed to a really fancy home decorating store and took a look at all the Christmas items they had. It is funny how I really love the look of snow but I hate how cold it is. 

I really got excited for Christmas because it just feels so romantic around that time of the year. 

I really enjoy arranging flowers even though I am still a beginner. I thought these carnations made them as a flower more appealing. To me carnations can seem cheap and cheesy but somehow the coloring on these made me think otherwise. 

 i also spent a couple hours to myself writing up a couple blog posts. I also tried birch beer for the first time and I really do like it. 

On the way back from visiting one of his friends I took some pictures of the beautiful sunset. This is proof enough for me that summer isn't quite over. The weather will still be hot for another month and a half and hopefully I will get to go to the beach before it does start getting too cold. Overall the weekend was pretty awesome full of laughs and relaxing. Hopefully all of you had a wonderful time as well and have enjoyed my post. I try to throw in a couple non beauty ones so you can get a sneak peek at my life. Thanks for reading and hope you keep on reading!

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