Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Fall Must-Haves Fashion Edition

Yesterday was the first real cold day in a very long time and it jogged my thinking...what else do I need to survive the cold winter that is ahead. So I have been examining my closet and taking inventory and made my list of Must have items that will keep me warm while still looking cool.

I swear, I have an addiction to blazers and I really cannot stress enough that when its cold out it really pulls everything together and makes me look and feel less frumpy. I will admit that I have 7 hanging up in my closet as I speak in all sorts of neutral colors and most are bought from the local thrift store.

But the one thing I do not have is a nice leather/pleather jacket. I have had a difficult time finding one in the thrift store that doesn't look too outdated or even fits so that means my only option now is to just move on to other retailers. One store in particular is one I used to religiously shop at until recently, Forever21. When I stopped shopping there the taste level was getting a little questionable and too juvenile but I remember well that I do love the affordable outerwear.
Spiked leather moto jacket
Picture from Forever21 website

So searching on the site I think I may have found something along the lines of what I'm looking for, a classic shape with the tough girl edge. I could see myself wearing this with my many dresses over some leggings. I love to look like a contradiction when I wear my clothes. Sweet and tough, sexy and casual, grungy and pulled together and yes I try to pull it off and sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It all depends on the piece you pick out for your closet and I think this would help me accomplish a lot more than I can now.

The Jean vest in storm cloud wash
picture from madewell website
I think I really digging on the cool biker chick look lately because my next must have is a denim vest. Sometimes I want to wear outerwear but don't think I will need the extra warmth and a vest really fixes that issue for me. I always have this need to top my outfit with something. I wonder if any of you feel the same way?

Cheapie Target stockings
picture from Target website
Because it doesn't get too cold outside I will be stocking (haha! did you get it?) up on these bad boys at Target. i don't know why they show up as $8 on the website though because they sell them in the store for $5 each. Maybe I will get a cool colored pair and definitely will be looking for some with polka dots on them.

Qupid RELAX-114X Quilted Riding Boot
picture from
I have bought a couple times from Zooshoo and have enjoyed getting the items ahead of the delivery estimate. I have been eyeballing some of the boots on here since my first boot purchase over the summer. I have not had a pair of black boots in years and I had to retire them because they were way too well loved to wear them any longer. I can really see myself loving these as much as the last maybe even more so because of my infatuation with quilted items. i should probably get to ordering them asap if i want them in my size. It seems like everyone and their mother wears a size 6 and are the first size to run out it seems.

Purple Infinity Scarf
picture from Sweetsassylove on etsy
I really need to get my butt in gear because an infinity scarf has been on my list of must have items for 2 years now and I still do not have one and I can crochet! For those of you who cannot crochet or knit you can purchase handmade scarves from Etsy. I really do love everything in Sweet Sassy Love  and found them because I was looking for cute scarves. Maybe I will even start up making scarves myself again.

pearl ring
Picture from Jewlsremix on etsy

I really don't have enough accessories and the one thing I don't loose or break are rings. I really have been loving pearls since mid high school and continue to love the classic beauty now. I don't ever think I will stop buying my pearl earrings  no matter how many times I loose them.

I guess that's all I have on my list of must haves that keep on sneaking into my mind. As the season goes I will probably have a couple things that will pop up. What are your must haves as the seasons change to cooler weather?


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