Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey?!! What's the Hold Up?!!

Hey everyone! I know I have been a bit MIA and all but would like you to know that the renovations on my boyfriend's condo are almost done. The floors have been ripped out, the walls are still in process of being painted, we a squished into the tiny spare room with everything. Needless to say, blogging conditions are not so great. I really didn't think it was appropriate to be blogging about all the construction that has been going on as this is a beauty blog but then I thought, "what the heck?" and here I am giving you an update on what's going down.

I really, really hate plain white walls and no matter how much someone tries to convince me otherwise you will not sway me to believe the look is "clean". Do you know what looks clean? You cleaning the place up, not the walls. Plus, every time growing up with my dad saying we would paint the place I got super excited at the color possibilities and every single time he picked out white for every single wall in the house. So I was happy to agree upon another color to paint the living room walls but neither my BF or I could decide a color. We both were looking up something darker since he had someone install some recess ceiling light and that would make the room well lit and the room was large enough to handle the darker color. We both finally agreed on a slight blueish dark grey called Shining Knight from Dunn Edwards paint. it is already painted in the living room right now and we got so excited and laid out a plank of the flooring to get a sneak peek of what to expect and I'll say it looks grown up and really sexy. I never thought a room could be sexy until now.

But then we had to decide on a good color to go in the dinning and kitchen area that you can clearly see from the living room. He was looking at some stupid color chart that suggested a brown and I almost barfed in my mouth a little. Brown walls conjure up bad 70's brown refrigerators with avocado green walls or even worse...a boring snore worthy beige. I really love a welcoming warm color that would scream "come in and see what I am cooking now" and looked at different shades of coral, orange and yellow. I felt coral wouldn't fly with him too well so did a lot of swatch searching and found the perfect bright yellow with some slight orange undertones. All I had to do was show him the color chips right next to each other and he agreed that It was the best choice. So now my favorite room in the house is going to be bright and sunny which will be perfect for the upcoming short winter days. The color is called Apricot Glow and is being painted on the walls today. I can't wait to get home and see it all done.

 I was really excited to pick out some colors and help my boyfriend pick out his flooring. He likes things to look a little more modern and I am okay with a more rustic kind of look. We found the perfect mix of the two in a dark brown laminate with texture. When I was looking around it was the very first one that caught my eye and was on sale. It didn't take any convincing on my part because it was exactly what he was looking for as well.
I really cannot get enough of this color floor. I am still obsessed over it and I'll take that as a good sign. 

Sorry the picture is so dark but here is the mess we are living in right now, really no space to sit and blog and really concentrate. So please, I really hope you do stick around and see what I have in store next after everything is good. The guy who is installing the floor is supposed to be here Friday and we hope it will only take one day to get it all in. If he isn't he's available on the weekends to finish the job. We are also going to be busy dog sitting this Saturday and Sunday for his friend's puppy. She is such a sweetheart and a love bug I really can't wait to spend a weekend with her. 

I have also gone a little pinterest crazy looking at how to jazz up the place once its all done. I plan on just making pillow cases for the throws on the couch but am having a hard time deciding if I will sew them by hand if I can't get my paws on a machine or look at some no sew ideas. But I also want to make some curtains for the living room and get rid of the ugly vertical blinds in there so I will need a machine if I don't want to be sewing until next spring. I know I will figure something out and I think it will look great. He always wanted me to add a woman's touch to the man cave and he's going to get it! 

Also, a small announcement, I will be heading to The Big Apple at the end of this month and will be my very first time visiting. I really am excited and will try to document as much as I can and maybe do a post on what I packed. Like a what's in my bag travel edition. I think the one thing I am most excited about is visiting the Alice in wonderland statue in Central Park and just seeing Central Park in general. that should be a blast. Hopefully I have an update for you next Monday or Tuesday. If I do make pillows and curtains I would want to show you the DIY in it's own post. But I think it would be another few weeks before I can start that project. 

So there you go! I am alive, the place is a mess, and I'm obsessed with picking accent colors. What's new with you? 

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