Monday, September 2, 2013

Julep Maven Box - The September "Classic With a Twist"

I LOVE how fast this particular box gets to me but I hate how I missed the window to change my profile so I could get a different box from what is scheduled for my profile. I swear, I missed it by one day. I should be more on top of this but at least the colors I got weren't that bad. 

 The inside packaging this month reminds me of the golden eggs from the old Willy Wonka movie. I was hoping to find a giant baby goose inside. Omg I love geese! 

 This month we got two nail polishes and a beauty care product. My colors are creamy nude color and a dark light shimmery eggplant  color which I love. 

 The name of the plum colored nail polish is "Padma"  and will be perfect for the fall transition. 

I used to love nude nail polishes so much but lately I have cooled off on the nude trend. But this fall nude is the "it" color of the fall season and I guess I will be a little bit on the trendy side and sport it. I do like how this is pretty neutral on me and doesn't wash me out and just looks pretty and natural. Now that I think about it more I feel it it will be great to have a low maintenance color that people won't notice any chips that come with washing dishes. 

 I have already given this a try and admit this is my first time of ever hearing of a cleansing oil. I was very skeptical about "washing" my face with an oil as I do have combination skin. I had put on a "party night out" look complete with smokey eyes, blush, powder and setting spray. This got everything off except for my heavy duty eyeliner which I had to use a cotton swab and eye makeup remover to get that stuff off. Amazingly I didn't break out either. 

 The back of the box. Did I mention this company doesn't use harmful chemicals, is cruelty free and donates a portion of sales to organisations that support women? Every time I think about that I feel less guilty inside about the splurge. 

 Here are the color swatches on my nails and please excuse my bad cuticles ( I always have bad cuticles) and my horrible paint job. Over all I am very pleased but still am disappointed because I wanted to get the box with Karmen in it but I can always get it when they offer it on special later. Karmen is like no other color I have because it has the beautiful dark crimson color mixed with a little gold. 

So I cannot wait to see what is going into next month's box and get it in my hands. I will also be keeping an eye out to see if they put my Karmen on sale so I can snatch it up! What colors are you excited to grab for the fall season? 

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