Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August favorites

Well, August is gone and went by super fast. The biggest thing that happened was my boyfriend's big birthday party. I treated myself to a blowout at the Drybar and really enjoyed it. I got a glass of bubbly while they did my hair and I left the place feeling super girly and a little bit sexy/saucy. Other than that night I didn't feel that it was really necessary to wear too much makeup so that is why I really only have 2 to go over.

1) NYX Mosaic Powder in Cafe I really love this bronzer because it doesn't have too much shimmer which is something I have been needing in my arsenal forever. If there is shimmer in this it is undetectable and if I don't notice it nobody else will. I also love the mosaic patches because the tiny middle square is perfect for contouring my nose. I don't contour much, just a little bit on the sides of my nose and then buff away any excess because I don't want to look like a cross dresser.

2) E.L.F Smudge Brush I have about 4 or 5 of these because they work and they are only one measly dollar. I really love using it for smudging my black eyeliner and giving myself the "I'm too bad ass to care" look. I keep one for just adding the right amount of contour on the sides of my nose. I don't always contour and I am pretty new to it so I do my best to add a little at a time and blend, blend, blend! this is thin and fluffy enough to help me achieve the look I want.

3) Burt's Bees chap stick  I have been using this chap stick forever. this has saved my lips so many times and I have been needing to rely on this more and more as the weather gets really hot and my lips need more protection. I love the fresh minty flavor and how it makes my lips soft and moisturized.

4) Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Centrifushia  I am in love with the color as this gives me the perfect puprley fushia color that lasts. I tend to go towards more plumy colors because somehow they show up like a red on me and I still have not found the red for me just yet. When i finally wiped this off it stained my lips the perfect flushed color I desire and looked natural.

5) Nook HD Yes, I know this is not a beauty item but I have been using it so much this month its a sin to not include it. I have been using it to look at magazines, browse the web, and most importantly, keep up with everyone's blog posts. I wake up and first thing in the morning I turn on this bad boy because it's easier to see than on my phone screen and I don't have to turn on my huge clunkin' laptop. Plus the battery lasts for a couple days without having to worry about charging it.

So what have been your August  favorites? You can link me your blog url in the comment blog if you'd like me to read yours. Hopefully you enjoyed my post and hope you stop by again soon!


  1. Would you recommend buying that Lime Crime lipstick? I've been looking on their website for ages, but hadn't heard many reviews! xo

    1. I do love the color, on me it shows up like a bright berry color. I do reccomend getting a lip brush to apply around the lighten dabbing it on until you get the desired color in the middle. I also just bought the red velvet Velvetine and I can honestly say that it's exactly the red color I have been searching for. If you don't like staining on your lips at all then I reccomend not getting the lipsticks as they do stain a bit. A good compromise I feel would be to just use makeup remover on your lips afterwards.


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