Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner Review

Holy Bejebuz Batman! It's been a long time since I made a post for le blog. I have just been kind of busy going back to school so I can get my life on track again. It's been a few years since I stopped going but now I am back. But enough excuses, I needed a break and thought I would give this a crack. Speaking of crack, deep conditioners is my crack. I swear I am addicted and I don't really care about anything else but my hair and eyebrows as of late. I just ran out of my usual Tresemme and went to Target but they were all out of the deep conditioners. I decided to give this Aussie 3 Minute Miracle a go since it's only about $3 and comes in a nice convenient squeeze tube. 

I bought the color treated formula even though I haven't dyed my hair in months because I figure it would be more gentle. Plus the only other choice was this or the "moist" formula and super moisturizing formulas tend to weigh down my thin hair. It's definitely not a good look for me. I have been looking for something super moisturizing since I have been putting off my haircut for awhile now. My ends have been feeling a it stiff and crispy even though I don't heat treat my hair most of the time. I mean, nothing replaces the feeling of taking off a few inches but I really got to stop my urge of reaching for my scissors at my desk to snip off bits here and there until I can do what I want to do with my hair. I'm thinking a copper-ish ombre. We'll see how I feel about it by next month though....

I have been using this for the past few weeks and I can say it is now my most favorite deep conditioning treatment ever. EVER. I swear it has helped my crispy ends and makes my hair feel super soft without weighing it down. You know those little tube of deep conditioner that come in the box dyes? It is better than those and I hoard them like nobody's business. I have been having a problem with tangles which comes wit the territory when you have tons of thin but dried out hair like me. I was so close to just grabbing the scissors myself and lopping it off but then how am I going to explain that to my hairdresser Sara when I go in for her to fix it? Plus it didn't smell too perfumey which I like. I like a more subtle scent that doesn't overpower whatever other  smell I have going on. I also love how I don't have too leave it in for too long which is a good thing if I am running late. Other deep conditioners I leave in for about 5-10 minutes but I can leave this in for 2 and it still does the trick. I have also noticed my hair doesn't get as poofy and tangled at the ends when I have second day hair. 

And this is officially my favorite way to deliver product to me. I am way too clumsy to be dealing with tubs of conditioner and this is even easier than the flip caps. Just lightly squeeze until you get your desired amount of product. This is seriously the best for lazy/busy people like me. I want everything to come in this packaging now. Overall I really loved everything about this deep conditioner. I plan to stock up on this so I don't have another deep conditioner shortage. Since it's so affordable I might as well. Im seriously a big fan and would love to try any different ones that they may have except for the "moist" formula, I'm too afraid of my hair being weighed down too much. 

Hopefully I can crack out a few more posts tonight to schedule for later. 
I'm glad to be back guys! 


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