Wednesday, July 16, 2014

City Color Contour Kit Swatches and Review

I have been wanting to get a contouring kit for awhile and while I was at Generation  Beauty City Color had one for sale for $5, normally $7, and I thought why not? I tested the kit out and I really liked the texture of the pressed powders and thought at $5 it was a bargain. I mean, yes I have a matte bronzer and a highlighter I like but I thought I would like to have just one kit to use for traveling or just in case I cannot for the life of me find what I need. Because you know those beauty lovers/bloggers that have the nice organization system for all of their makeup, yep...that's not me. I do have a system but I cannot for the life of m keep up with it. So good makeup kits are my boyfriend. 

I know when I first look a look at this kit I was just thinking meh the whole time. I mean, I thought the contour was too dark and I would end up looking like I got some dirt on my face but I did like the bronze color as it is very matte. As for that highlighter, no it isn't ghostly white on the skin, unless you really pile it and and just don't blend at all. It just gives a nice subtle shimmer to the skin 

I wanted to show you all how the colors looked side by side on my skin. I wanted to exaggerate the highlighter a bit because it just wasn't translating well on camera but it does blend to a sheer shimmer that looks better in person, I promise. I just really like how matte the bronzer and contour color are. I am almost obsessed with it. I really think this kit is good for a beginner at contouring. It really helps give me an even more angled look with a couple swipes to my jawline and at the hollow of the cheek. Blending is super easy and I use my elf flat top studio brush which works great because I really hate using a fluffy brush to blend out on my jawline because it tickles. I do find myself reaching for other highlighters as the one included can seem a little too subtle for some nighttime looks but is perfect if you just want a slight glow for an everyday daytime look. One other thing I dislike is that it just has a magnetic closure and can pop open easily but if I do travel with it I will probably end up rubber banding it shut. 

Overall I really like this kit and I think it's a good investment in my collection. I would definitely buy it again if I don't find something better. But really, at $7 I can bring this with me on a vacation and not have to worry so much about loosing it but I really hope I never do loose it. I hope you enjoyed my input on this and if you think you found another good contour kit let me know! I'm always looking for some good contouring items. 



  1. Thats a great kit! nice review!

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